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Black Bean Selection and Storage

Do not mix old dry black beans with new ones


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Black Beans Storage

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Black Beans Selection and Storage

Black beans come in dried form and are not eaten fresh. The beans must be soaked, reconstituted, and cooked before eating.

When buying bulk dried black beans, buy only as much as you will use in a month. Packaged dried beans should contain no broken beans and should be in tightly-sealed packages. Tiny pinholes in dried beans indicate bug infestation and should be avoided. Also avoid any shriveled or broken beans.

Canned cooked black beans can be a real timesaver for many. Canned beans can be used interchangeably with dried beans in most recipes. Just skip the bean cooking part of the recipe. You may wish to drain and rinse canned beans before using. Unopened canned beans should be used within 1 year.

Dried black beans should be stored in a sealed container in a cool, dry place up to 1 year. When re-stocking, do not mix new beans with any remaining older dried beans. They will cook at different rates. Older beans will take longer to cook.

Cooked beans should be refrigerated and used within 5 days.

To freeze cooked beans, drain first and place in an airtight container. Use frozen cooked black beans within 6 months.

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