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Leek Legend and Lore

Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality


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Pineapple Legend and Lore

King Louis XIV of France jumped the gun a bit in his eagerness to try the pineapple. He bit into it without peeling it first and cut his mouth on the sharp skin.

La Cour, a French merchant, created a glass house where he successfully grew a pineapple to maturity, making greenhouses the rage as a hobby and status symbol in the early 1700s.

Since pineapples were so rare in Europe, they often served double duty, first as a table decoration for affluent parties and then as a dessert. This conservative practice still works well today.

In the West Indies, the Indians planted barriers of pineapple plants around the village to keep out intruders, while pineapples and crowns were hung at the gates as curiously conflicting signs of hospitality and abundance. The spiky leaves of the plant are quite sharp and naturally deterred intruders.

The pineapple was adopted by the Spanish as a symbol of hospitality, who incorporated the pineapple design into their wood-works. Pineapple designs were prominent on all types of furniture. This motif eventually migrated back to the colonies of North America, where it became quite popular in the South.

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