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Peach Lore and Legend

Chinese and Japanese legends hold peaches in high esteem


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© 2006 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone

Peach Lore and Legend

Chinese legends attribute the peach with the power to confer immortality. The legend tells of the Peach Tree of the Gods which bloomed only once every three thousand years, yielding the fruits of eternal life. These illustrious fruits granted health, virility and immortality to those who ate of the fruit.

It is considered the most sacred plant of the Chinese Taoist religion. Even today, the peach is customarily served at birthday celebrations in China as a symbol and hope of longevity.

Japanese folklore tells of a beloved child born of a large peach who grew up surrounded by the love and devotion of his foster parents. When the child matured to manhood, he contested the demons on the Island of the Devils, winning their treasure for his destitute, beloved foster parents.

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