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Cherry Lore and Legends

Cherries are an important part of Japanese lore


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Bing and Rainier Cherries

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Cherry Lore and Legend

A Japanese legend tells of a brave warrior who lived to a great age, outliving friends and family. His most beloved memory was of playing beneath a cherry tree in Iyo during his youth.

One summer, the tree died, which the man took as a sign that it was also his time to die. Although a new cherry tree was planted nearby, the old warrior was unconsoled. During the winter season, the old man pleaded with the dead tree to bear flowers just one more time, vowing that if his request was granted, he would give up his long life. The tree bloomed, and true to his promise, the old warrior committed hara-kiri beneath the dead branches of the tree.

As his blood and spirit soaked down to the roots, the tree bloomed once again in the dead of winter. Legend holds this tree in Iyo still blooms in winter every year on the anniversary of the warrior's death, though all other trees nearby lay in dormant winter state.

Japan has gifted the United States with thousands of cherry trees on more than one occasion as a gesture of friendship. The trees are planted in America's capital city, Washington, D.C.

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