1. Food
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Cooking information, kitchen helpers, and tips.


Whether you are an experienced or novice cook, you will find a wealth of food information and cooking techniques to help you make the most of your food budget and create tasty recipes. Learn how to select and store your food before jumping into the kitchen.
  1. Measurements
  2. Visual Cooking Help
  3. How to Cook


How much do you need for your recipe? How do you convert metric to to US measurements, and vice versa? What about substitutions? Check here.

Visual Cooking Help

Often a recipe or written instructions are not enough. Sometimes you need to see how things are done. Here are photos and videos to show you step by step how to make recipes and perform kitchen techniques.

How to Cook

How do you make roasted garlic? How do you store artichokes? Does buttermilk contain butter? What is rhubarb? How do I use a clay-pot? Find these answers and more here.

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