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Thyme History

Old legends say thyme attracts fairies


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Thyme - Fresh and Dried

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Readily available both dried and fresh, no kitchen should be without thyme at least in the cupboard and preferably growing in your garden. The thyme recipes includes many interesting uses for thyme, from salads to desserts.

Thyme History

Thyme, botanically-known as thymus vulgaris, gets its name from the Greek word thymon, an herb used as incense or as a fumigator during sacrifices.

Native to the Mediterranean region, thyme was brought to Britain by the Romans. Long-prized for its medicinal uses, ancient Egyptians used thyme oil in their embalming process.

Legend has it that thyme was an essential ingredient in a magic brew that allowed the drinker to see the fairies. It was also considered an aphrodisiac.

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