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Shallot History - The history of shallots

Shallots are related to onions and garlic


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If you do not like the strong flavors of garlic and onions, but do not want to give them up completely, then shallots are the perfect choice. This small vegetable is technically an onion, but it looks a lot like garlic and has a mild garlic flavor. Shallots carmelize like onions, just one of the many reasons why they are the darling of professional gourmet chefs and home cooks alike.

Shallots History

Native to the Mediterranean, shallots are botanically known as Allium ascalonicum. The botanical name derives from Ascalon, a town in South Palestine, where they are thought to have originated. They are members of the same family as garlic and onions but lack the strong sulphuric aroma and irritating fumes. It is surmised that De Soto brought shallots to the United States during his Louisiana explorations. The shallot is particularly popular in French dishes.

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