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Food Coloring History

Food coloring dates back hundreds of years


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Food Coloring - The Color of Food

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Food Coloring History

Ancient Romans used saffron and other spices to put a rich yellow color into various foods. Other natural foods such as carrots, pomegranates, grapes, mulberries, spinach, beets, parsley, and flowers were also used as food coloring agents.

Our ancestors also used minerals and ores, such as azure (copper carbonate), gold leaf, and silver leaf, some of which were downright poisonous if used improperly.

Elise Fleming researched cookbooks dating as far back as 1390 A.D., and has compiled an interesting list of food additives used hundreds of years ago with charming quotes in Olde English from sources in her informative treatise on the food coloring of yesteryear.

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