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Tuna Health Issues

Water-packed tuna may contain more fat than oil-packed


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Tuna for Recipes

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Tuna Health

Fresh tuna has only one percent fat per body weight, making it a favored choice for those on low-fat diets. However, the depth of the water and water temperature will affect the fat content of the fish. This fat content can vary not only from catch to catch but also between different varieties of tuna.

For example, two cans of water-packed white tuna of equal size, even from the same company, can vary from in content from 1 to 5 grams of fat per 2-ounce serving. Due to this interesting scientific fat variation, it is actually possible for tuna packed in water to have more fat than tuna packed in oil. Amazing, but true, and yet another reason to always check the label on every canned tuna purchase if you must control your fat intake.

If you are looking to boost your Omega-3 fatty acids (famous for fighting heart disease), choose canned albacore, which often contains not only more Omega-3 fatty acids than the chunk light canned, but also more than even fresh tuna.

For those allergic to soy, be aware that most tuna packed in oil has added soybean oil. Canned tuna packed in olive oil is available in most markets, although it is usually more expensive. Most canned tuna fans prefer the olive oil-packed tuna above all others for flavor. Luckily, olive oil is heart healthy. The oil actually leeches out some of the cholesterol. Drain and gently rinse off the oil if you must.

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