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Jerusalem Artichokes / Sunchokes Health

Jerusalem artichokes may assist in controlling blood sugar levels


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Jerusalem Artichokes / Sunchokes

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Jerusalem Artichokes and Health

Sunchokes store their carbohydrates in a form of inulin, a starch that is not utilized by the body for energy, unlike sugar. They are recommended as a potato substitute for diabetics, since they are filling but not absorbed by the body, and because they also show indications of assisting in blood sugar control. Jerusalem artichoke flour is also recommended for those who are allergic to wheat and other grains.

High in iron, potassium and thiamine, low-fat sunchokes also feed the healthy bacteria (lactobacilli) in the intestional tract. However, they can cause flatulence in some people and first tastings should be in small amounts.

For those sensitive to gas-producing foods, pre-cooking before baking or a good boiling is recommended, and eating them raw should be avoided.

On another note, one strange case of an allergic reaction has been linked to inulin, which may be a subject of interest to those who suffer swelling and breathing difficulties from other foods.

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