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Sausage and Health

Is sausage bad for your health? Maybe.


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Sausage and your health The U.S. Department of Agriculture mandates that fresh sausage contain no sodium nitrite and/or potassium nitrite, and no nitrates.

However, cured sausages do normally contain one of these preservatives, which are suspected suspected of contributing to cancer. Many people are allergic to nitrites and nitrates as well as fillers such as soy and other common food allergens, so beware of these ingredients in commercial cured varieties. Read the ingredients label.

Cured varieties also contain high amounts of salt, necessary to the curing process, which could be a potential problem for those with high blood pressure. Yet those varieties containing pork are rich in thiamine and vitamin B12 which helps promote healthy nerves and skin. Many are also a significant source of zinc.

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