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Rosemary Health

Rosemary has been shown to inhibit carcinogens


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Rosemary and Health

Rosemary contains primarily borneol, camphor, eucalyptol, and pinene in its essential oils, which can irritate the skin. Yet, surprisingly enough, it is also used in rheumatic liniments and ointments for its soothing effect.

This herb also has sedative, diuretic, stomach relief, aromatic, antispasmodic and antiseptic properties, and is thought to be particularly beneficial in the treatment of fatigue and neuralgia. Those with sensitive skin may suffer contact dermatitis from cosmetics scented with rosemary oils, or from prolonged handling of the plant.

Rosemary also contains chemicals called quinones, which have been shown in laboratory studies to inhibit carcinogens. Thus, this herb is ranked high on the list of cancer-prevention and reduction foods.

Herbalists use rosemary to treat dizziness due to inner ear problems, nerve conditions, headaches, halitosis, stomach ailments and as pain-reducers. Ancient folk remedies list it as a memory-enhancer. Since rosemary is such a flavorful addition, it is a staple to those on a salt-restricted diet.

Warning: Essential, distilled rosemary oil, (not not to be confused with flavored cooking oils), should never be taken internally. It is poisonous in strong doses. Be sure to consult your physician before attempting any medicinal use of any herb, spice or other home remedy.

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