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Mustard and Health

Mustard aids digestion


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Mustard Powder and Mustard Seeds

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Mustard and Health

Mustard not only stimulates the appetite by increasing salivation by up to eight times, it also has digestive, laxative, antiseptic, and circulative stimulant properties.

As a digestive aid in moderation, mustard neutralizes toxins and helps ward off an upset stomach. However, too much can be an irritant.

Mustard also contains sulphur, which has been used as a treatment for skin diseases.

Mustard plasters or poultices have been applied to the chest to aid in clearing the sinuses and decongest the lungs.

Mustard greens are not recommended for those with thyroid problems as they can cause the thyroid to increase in size.

It is very important to consult your physician before attempting any holistic home treatment.

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