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Canned Food and Health

Many canned foods have more beneficial nutrients than fresh


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Canned Foods

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Canned Foods and Your Health

Canned foods high in vitamin A and related carotenes, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin, protect the the body's cells and improve night vision.

Canned tomatoes have high levels of lycopene, which studies show to help prevent prostate cancer. In fact, there are indicators showing lycopene is even more effective when derived from canned or heated tomatoes rather than fresh.

Canned salmon is higher in calcium than fresh or frozen salmon.

Research indicates the heating process used to can foods actually makes fiber more soluble and easier for the body to use. Nearly all canned fruits and vegetables are fat-free.

Contrary to popular belief, canned fruits and vegetables use no chemical preservatives, but are preserved via natural heat methods.

Vitamin contents of canned foods may be even higher than the label indicates. Manufacturers are only required to put the minimums on the label. Some canned carrots provide as much as 300% of the Recommended Daily Intake for vitamin A.

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