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Cabbage and Health

Cabbage is hailed as a cancer inhibitor


Cabbage varieties
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Cabbage and Health

As inexpensive as cabbage is, it is one of the richest when it comes to protective vitamins. Raw cabbage cleans the waste from the stomach and upper bowels which improves digestion and reduces constipation.

Hailed as a cancer inhibitor, particularly colon cancer, cabbage also stimulates the immune system, kills harmful bacteria, soothes ulcers, and improves circulation.

The outer leaves are a good source of vitamin E, making it good for the complexion. Also rich in vitamin C (raw white cabbage contains as much vitamin C as lemon juice) and sulphur, the cabbage is a health food store in a compact edible package. All these benefits are yours at only 24 calories per 3.5 ounces.

Some people do tend to suffer digestive distress due to gas from cabbage. Try blanching the whole or quartered cabbage for five minutes, change the water, and then continue cooking in fresh water if necessary.

Since cabbage can interfere with the uptake of iodine, those with goiter conditions should consult their physician before eating cabbage.

Although consumption of cabbage may aggravate a pre-existing thyroid condition, it is generally not the initiating factor of such a condition.

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