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Healthy food resources and food fact sheets.
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Fat Labels and Meanings
Foods labeled fat-free may not necessarily mean free of fat. Learn about diet and fat food labels to make informed choices for your diet.

Fat Math - Figuring out your fat intake
How much fat should you eat? What does your cholesterol count mean? Learn to do the math for proper cholesterol intake.

Fat Substitutes and Health
Find out more about fat substitutes and their effect on your health.

Fat Terminology - Good Fats and Bad Fats
What are bad cholesterol and good cholesterol? Learn how to identify different types of fats for better health.

Healthy College Food
Health and College Students, Can They Get Along? Healthy College Food. Tips and hints for students on a healthy diet away from home.

Low Calorie Snacks
Try some of these low calorie snacks instead of the usual chips, crackers or ice cream. The calorie counts range from almost none to 60 per serving.

Low-Fat Sausage Recipes
Watching your fat intake? Try some of these low-fat sausage recipes.

New Year's Resolution Diet
Tips, information, and recipes to help you change your eating habits and make that New Year's Resolution diet a successful reality.

Nutmeg and Health - Warning of toxic nutmeg
Nutmeg is toxic in large amounts. Learn how nutmeg affects your health.

Sausage and Health
Are sausages bad for your health? Maybe. Find out about sausages and your health.

The Color of Food
Do you know what colors your food? Learn about color additives and also check out some interesting recipes, both edible and non-edible.

The Skinny on Fats
Don't know your cholesterol from your monounsaturated fats or your triglycerides from your LDLs and HDLs? Never fear! Here's the skinny on fats and labeling, so you can pave a healthier path for your diet.

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