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Pineapple Equivalents and Measures

Canned pineapple may be substituted for fresh


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Pineapple Equivalents and Measures

In most cases, the canned equivalent of pineapple may be substituted for fresh pineapple in equal measure. If you feel adventurous, try substituting chopped papaya, guava, mango or jeijoa for chopped fresh pineapple in your recipes.

• 1 medium pineapple, peeled and cored = 5 cups cubes
• 2 pounds whole fresh = 3 cups cubed
• 1/4 pound = 1 serving
• 20 ounce can = 10 cored slices
• 30 ounce can = 8 large cored slices
• 8 ounce can chunks = 2/3 cup drained chunks
• 8 ounce can chunks = 1/2 cup liquid
• 8 ounce can crushed = 2/3 cup drained
• 8 ounce can crushed = 1/3 cup liquid

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