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Almond Equivalents

Toasting brings out the flavor of almonds


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If you are using almonds in breads or muffins, you'll find that toasting the almonds first not only brings out the wonderful flavor, but it will also keep them from sinking in the batter. Almonds can be used successfully in combination with most vegetables, fruits, and meats, but especially shine with fish, chicken, and rice savory dishes. Of course, almonds are a natural in desserts.

Almond equivalents

• 1 pound unshelled almonds = 1-1/4 cups shelled
• 1 pound shelled almonds = 3-1/3 cups chopped
• 1 pound shelled almonds = 3-1/2 cups ground
• 7/8 cup shelled almonds = 1 cup ground
• 1 pound slivered almonds = 4 cups
• 4 ounces slivered almonds = 1 cup
• 1 pound sliced almonds = 5-1/3 cups
• 3 ounces sliced almonds = 1 cup
• 1 pound shelled almonds = 3 cups whole almonds
• 1 pound shelled almonds = 4 cups slivered

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