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Table Etiquette and Manners

Etiquette and table manners resources and information.

Caviar Etiquette and Utentils
Caviar Etiquette and Utensils. How to eat caviar.

American Table Manners
CuisineNet has a nice primer on etiquette, including table settings, what you can eat with your fingers, using a knife, fork, and spoon, Chinese eating customs, and more.

Business Dining Etiquette
The Career Center at Ball State University takes a look at dining etiquette from a business relationship standpoint to help those career-minded individuals.

How to Set a Formal Table
Good Housekeeping's Peggy Posts advises on how to set a formal table with proper linens and tableware placement.

Japan Table Manners
Schauwecker's Guide to Japan Table Manners covers eating rice, drinking sake, eating sushi and even sitting techniques and seating order.

9 Steps to Good Manners for Children
Dr. Alex Packer helps get your children on the road to good etiquette, from FamilyEducation.com

Wine Etiquette
Learn the proper etiquette for wine tasting, dining out, wine at home, bringing wine to dinner, and wine as a gift.

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