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Corned Beef Recipes - How to make corned beef recipes

Corned beef is a cured beef brisket. It is a less tender cut, but with the right recipe, it can make a hearty and tasty meal. Here are some great corned beef recipes.
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Corned Beef Cooking Tips
Corned beef is beef that is cured in a salt brine, often with spices. Some meat-packers actually inject the brine into the arterial network.

Colcannon Corned Beef Soup Recipe
This hearty soup combines corned beef, cabbage, apples, leeks, potatoes, spinach, and spices. It makes enough for a crowd.

Corned Beef Hash Recipe
Corned beef hash is a hearty comfort food to make using leftover corned beef. My Granny-Ma's version was just the potatoes, onions, and corned beef, all fried in bacon grease. And yes, sometimes she used canned corned beef when times were tough, so feel free to substitute.

Corned Beef Hash With Eggs Recipe
Corned beef hash with eggs is a country breakfast favorite is hearty enough for a dinner meal.

Corned Beef Parsnip Hash Recipe
Parsnips replace potatoes in corned beef hash for a delicious twist on an old family favorite.

Flaky Reuben Slices Recipe
Start with refrigerated crescent dinner rolls to make these tasty Reuben slices filled with corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut.

Great Round Reuben Recipe
Corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut are layered and baked right into a giant round of bread. Great for parties, served warm or at room temperature. It may be made in advance and frozen for later use.

Homemade Corned Beef Recipe
It's easy to make your own corned beef at home. Just plan ahead. The beef brisket will take about 3 weeks to cure. You can also use bottom round roast in place of brisket, if you wish.

Reuben Loaf Recipe
Swiss cheese, corned beef, and sauerkraut combine with ground beef to create a meatloaf based on the classic Reuben sandwich.

Super Bowl Beef and Cheese Stuffed Bread Recipe
A different twist on the classic spinach dip in a bread bowl, this uses chipped beef or corned beef, cheeses, and vegetables.

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