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Are there worms in salmon?


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Raw Salmon

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Question: Are there worms in salmon?
I often eat raw salmon. Someone recently told me it could have worms that could enter my body. Are there worms in salmon?
Answer: A warning to sushi-lovers using raw salmon: fish that lives full or part-time in freshwater may carry tapeworm larvae, which can cause infection in humans.

To avoid contamination without cooking, be sure to freeze the fish at 0 degrees F. (-18 degrees C.) at least 24 hours in advance of consumption. If you cannot maintain 0 degrees F. in your freezer, freezing for 72 hours at 14 degrees F. (-10 degrees C.) should do the trick.

Cooking fish at a temperature of at least 135 degrees F. (57 degrees C.) for five minutes will destroy the larvae.

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