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What is Grand Marnier®?


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Cooking with Grand Marnier®

© 2008 Peggy Trowbridge Filippone
Question: What is Grand Marnier®?
It is a cognac brandy flavored with oranges
Answer: Grand Marnier®'s origins date back to 19th century France. Bitter orange peels are added to a cognac brandy base along with spices and vanilla. It is then sweetened with a sugar syrup to produce an orange-flavored liqueur and aged in oak barrels to mellow the liqueur before bottling. Grand Marnier® boasts of being the first liqueur to be exported from France.

This liqueur is amber in color with a distinct orange flavor which lends itself to many cooking applications. There are a number of orange liqueur products on the market, including Cointreau®, which has an equally long history but is clear in color.

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