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Jamaican Jerk Sauce Recipe

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By Christine Morin, Jamaica

Jerk chicken
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Thyme, allspice, Scotch bonnet peppers, and garlic are key ingredients in Jamaican jerk recipes. It is supposed to be quite spicy, so do not skimp on the peppers. Use this authentic spicy jerk rub on chicken, pork, fish, or vegetables. If you have any leftover sauce, refrigerate it. It will keep a very long time. Be sure to wear gloves when cleaning the peppers and putting on the marinade. The peppers will mellow a bit with heat.

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Yield: About 1 cup



Place allspice, brown sugar, garlic, Scotch bonnet peppers, thyme, scallions, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt, pepper, and soy sauce in a food processor and blend until smooth.

You may use whole allspice berries, if available, but use enough to give the equivalent of 1/2 cup ground. (Allspice berries and scotch bonnets are key ingredients.) Keep this sauce refrigerated and it will virtually keep forever. Feel free to increase the hot peppers and garlic.

Rub the meat (chicken, pork or beef) with the seasoning. If using a pork shoulder, score the fat and rub in. With chicken, be sure to rub under skin and in cavities. The jerk sauce may also be used with fish, but use a firm-fleshed fish like grouper.

Marinate overnight. Grill over a low fire until done. Charcoal is best, but not essential. Meat will be smoked "pinkish" when done, and the skin will be nice and dark. Chop meat into pieces, and serve traditionally with hard-dough bread and Jamaican Red Stripe Beer.
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 5 out of 5
Truly authentic!, Member Emmadison

I wanted to thank you for this recipe! I've been looking for an authentic one for what seems like forever and all the marinades I found were not spicy enough or would use ingredients that had nothing to do with jerk. Finally I have found the perfect jerk recipe! Thank you, I will definitely make this again. This is now my official jerk recipe :)

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