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Fruitcake Tips and Cooking Hints

A little fruitcake goes a long way.


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Fruitcake Tips and Cooking Hints

• Line cake pans with greased or nonstick foil to prevent over-browning, being sure to leave a generous amount of foil overhanging the sides of the pan to act as handles to lift the cake from the pan when it is done.

• Fill pans no more than two-thirds full.

• Placing pans in a tray half-filled with hot water will also help prevent over-browning during the long, slow cooking period.

• Before removing the cake from the pan to cool, let it rest about 10 minutes in the pan.

• The standard cake testing method applies to fruitcakes: a wooden skewer inserted in the center should come out clean.

• For easy slicing, the cake should be cold. Use a thin knife.

• For liquor-soaked cakes, refrigerate at least three weeks before eating to let it ripen.

• Substitute plain dried fruit for candied fruit if you wish.

• Fruit juice can be substituted for liquor as a soaking liquid. Be sure to refrigerate and consume within two months.

In the Kitchen

When serving liquor-soaked fruitcake, remember a little goes a long way. One fruitcake provides double the amount of servings of a standard cake or loaf of equal size. The fruitcake recipe collection includes a wide variety of fruitcakes, including those without alcohol. With the wide variety of dried fruits currently available in most stores, you can have fun using different fruit combinations to create your own family heirloom fruitcake to pass on.

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