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Christmas Recipes

For Christmas, any special occasion, gifts from the kitchen, or just a special dinner, you will find many Christmas recipes here.
  1. Fruitcake Recipes

10 Food Gift Shipping and Mailing Tips
Whether you are sending your package a short distance or out of the country, here is some advice to help get your package and its yummy contents to the final destination the way it was intended.

10 No-Cook Food Gift Ideas
If you have no time to cook but still want to give a gift from the kitchen, check out these ideas good for all occasions.

10 Food Gift Packaging Tips for your Gifts from the Kitchen
10 Food Gift Packaging Tips for your Gifts from the Kitchen. Make your food gift look as scrumptious to the eye as to the palate with a pleasing presentation.

6 Best Cookie Recipes for Mailing
5 Best Cookie Recipes for Mailing. Make sure your cookies reach their destination in one piece by first choosing a cookie recipe that will hold up to rough handling.

Although they are wonderful straight from the oven or fireplace, you can make use of the winter chestnut crop in many ways, both sweet and savory. History, usage and recipes included.

Cooking with Alcohol
To make a spirited impression during the holidays or any special occasion, try cooking up a meal with your favorite liquor or liqueur. Learn how to cook with alcohol and other beverages, including cooking with champagne, beer, whiskey, bourbon, Grand Marnier, tequila and more.

A holiday favorite, cranberries are more than just sauce for Thanksgiving. Learn all about them, plus many recipes.

Fruitcake Tips and Cooking Hints
Fruitcakes may be made without an alcohol soaking liquid. Learn the substitutions, tips, and hints for fruitcakes.

What is fruitcake? Fruitcake Types and Citron
Find out what makes it a fruitcake and how to avoid the dreaded citron.

Gifts From the Kitchen
For Christmas or any special occasion, gifts from the kitchen say you care to take the time to make something special. You'll find many recipes for gift-giving.

Gingerbread Houses
Gingerbread houses are a fun project for all and make great gifts. All you need to know to make your own gingerbread house, including tips and recipes.

Holiday Ham
Hams are a popular holiday food. Learn about the history of ham, ham varieties, how to select the proper ham for your use, and storage information. Many ham recipes included.

Lamb and Mutton
Lamb has particular religious for the holidays in many homes. Learn about lamb and mutton history, cooking information, and recipes to make lamb a favorite in your home.

Diet Tips, Hints and Recipes
The holidays can pack on a lot of pounds as you indulge in favorite foods. Get tips, information, and recipes to help you change your eating habits and make that New Year's resolution diet a successful reality.

Mimi's Christmas Cookie Archive
Rosettes, Finnish Chestnut Fingers, Pepperkakor, Pfefferneusse and more.

Necco Gingerbread House
NECCO Candies shows you how to make the perfect Gingerbread House to amaze all your holiday visitors with their recipe, directions, and photo.

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