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Chive Recipes

These recipes that use at least 1 tablespoon of chives, rather than just a sprinkling or garnish, to give you an idea how chives can be a major ingredient in a recipe. Although garlic chives are a different plant, you'll also find some garlic chive recipes mixed in here.

All About Chives
A mention of chives will most likely bring to mind a baked potato with all the trimmings, but there is so much more to this thin, graceful herb. Chives are easy to grow indoors and out, and are also available freeze-dried, making them the perfect year-round herb to have on hand. Learn all about chives before trying one of the many chive recipes.

Alfredo-style Sauce with Fettuccine (Low-Fat Pasta) Recipe
Reduce the fat content of fettuccine alfredo by using 1-percent fat milk, nonfat sour cream, and nonfat Parmesan cheese topping. Even non-dieters will enjoy this pasta dish.

All the Way Mashed Potatoes Recipe
Take your mashed potatoes all the way by adding everything you love on baked potatoes, including butter, Cheddar cheese, sour cream, bacon, and chives. If you must, you can lower the fat by using lighter ingredients, but this recipe is worth the splurge. Do not use a mixer as it will make the mashed potatoes gummy. Recipe may be halved.

American Shepherd's Pie Recipe
This is an American variation of traditional shepherd's pie that is sure to please any meat and potatoes fan. The ground beef has a natural rich mushroom gravy and the potatoes are loaded with cheese. For more authentic shepherd's pie, use lamb instead of beef.

Anchovy Mashed Potatoes Recipe
Anchovies give a salty but not fishy flavor to mashed potatoes, so do not hesitate to try this awesome recipe. You will find anchovies in tins near the canned tuna and salmon in the market. If you cannot find fresh chives, substitute the tops of green onions, finely chopped.

Anchovy Swiss Toasts Recipe
These tasty rye bread appetizers are spiked with flavor from anchovies, but do not taste fishy. Quick and easy to prepare.

Anchovy Twists Recipe
These baked wonton anchovy twists are sure to be a hit at your next party. Anchovies give flavor without a heavy fishy taste. Don't say a word and your guests will never guess these tasty appetizers were made with anchovies.

Apple Blue Cheese Bacon Cheesecake Recipe
This unusual savory cheesecake is rich from Parmesan, blue cheese, and cream cheese. The sweet apples and salty bacon are a nice counterpoint to the richness of the cheese. The method requires long slow baking, so plan ahead. As you can tell, this is not a dessert, but an appetizer fit for the finest party.

Asparagus Mimosa Recipe
Crisp-tender asparagus is topped with a mustard vinaigrette, sieved hard-boiled eggs, and chives for an elegant yet easy side dish or salad.

Austrian Cream Cheese Soup Recipe
Leeks and celery flavor this deliciously rich soup with a cream cheese and yogurt base. It is fast and easy to make.

Bacon Cheddar Twice-Baked Potatoes Recipe
A comfort food for many, these twice-baked potatoes are kicked up with bacon, Cheddar cheese, Parmesan cheese, sour cream and chives. This recipe may be made in advance and cooked later.

Baked Potato & Leek Soup with Cheddar & Bacon Recipe
Think of a loaded baked potato with butter, sour cream, onion, Cheddar cheese, and bacon. Now picture it as a creamy bowl of delicious soup. Yum! Potatos are used skin and all so be sure to scrub them well.

Baked Risotto Primavera Recipe
Nutty brown rice takes the place of traditional arborio rice in this updated risotto which requires no stirring. Asparagus, sugar snap peas, and sweet red bell pepper give added flavor and color.

Baked Salmon Croquettes Recipe
These flavorful salmon croquettes made with canned salmon are baked, not fried. The same recipe also works beautifully to make mini-croquettes as the perfect appetizer for parties. They are so delicious on their own, you will probably not even want any tartar sauce. Plan ahead to refrigerate before baking or prepare the mixture a day in advance.

Baked Smashed Potatoes Recipe
Not your usual smashed potatoes, these potatoes are boiled, smashed, seasoned with oregano and garlic, topped with Parmesan cheese, and baked. They almost look like flowers on the plate. You can make these ahead, cover, and refrigerate to save time on baking day. These potatoes are a nice change from twice-baked potatoes. Feel free to substitute your favorite herbs.

Ballymaloe Irish Stew Recipe
This recipe is a traditional Irish stew straight from Ireland. It is made with lamb, carrots, onions, and potatoes. Proper Irish stew is made with lamb, however, beef may be substituted if you must. Do try the variation with pearl barley for an even heartier stew.

Batter-Dipped Fondue Meatballs Recipe
Ground beef and sausage meatballs are dipped into a beer batter and fried in a fondue pot. The meatballs are served with mustard and horseradish sauces. Make the sauces at least 1 hour in advance and refrigerate.

Beach Bread Recipe
Garlic bread rises to an entirely new plane with this beach bread, a popular restaurant appetizer in South Florida. Traditional garlic bread is topped with chopped tomatoes, blue cheese, chives, and mozzarella. I have several friends who have been known to make a meal out of beach bread. It is much like a sauceless French bread pizza and is quite addictive.

Blue Cheese Potato Cakes Recipe
This updated Irish potato recipe gets a burst of flavor from blue cheese, chives, garlic, and dill. The potato cakes may be made in advance and reheated in the oven.

Blue Flower Chive Omelet Recipe
Chive blossoms give a delicate onion flavor to a simple omelet. It is perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or a light dinner.

Bourbon Shrimp Flambe Recipe
Shrimp is flamed with bourbon and served in a tomato cream sauce for a simple but elegant dish. This is great served with a side of rice. Be sure to read the flambe tips and hints before you begin.

Brie Twice-Baked Potatoes Recipe
Twice-baked potatoes are stuffed with a luscious mixture of brie cheese, bacon, and chive mashed potatoes. The potatoes may be assembled up to 24 hours in advance before the second finish bake. These are especially good with a nice steak, roast beef, or pork and hearty enough for a lunch with a side salad.

Brown's Townhouse Irish Stew Recipe
This is an authentic mutton Irish stew from a hotel in Ireland. Mutton has a stronger flavor than lamb, but they may be substituted for one another in most recipes. The requisite potatoes are here, along with onions and carrots. Plan on at least 2 hours of cooking time to tenderize the meat.

Carrot & Parsnip Latkes Recipe
Carrots and parsnips replace potatoes in these tasty latkes perfect for the Jewish holidays or any meal.

Caviar Eggs Recipe
Hard-boiled eggs are stuffed with a decadent mixture of caviar, chives, and sour cream. This is an excellent way to stretch caviar as an appetizer or salad course.

Cheddar Mashed Potatoes Recipe
Cheddar cheese gives depth and richness to traditional mashed potatoes. Feel free to substitute lower-fat milk and cheese to suit your diet. The dish won't be quite as luscious, but still very good. Recipe is easily multiplied for larger crowds.

Cheesy Breakfast Strata Recipe
Swiss cheese, chives, and bacon give a kick to bland potatoes and eggs. The flavor is fabulous, and it is even good at room temperature. Serve for breakfast, brunch, or as a light dinner with a salad. This recipe is easily doubled for a 9- by 13-inch baking pan.

Chicken Colombo Recipe
Chicken is browned with colombo seasoning and braised with onions, coconut milk, lime juice, and herbs. It is finished with bananas and pistachio nuts. This is a popular dish served over Creole Rice in the French West Indies.

Chive Mashed Potatoes Recipe
Cream cheese, milk, and chives add richness and flavor to mashed potatoes. Try using unpeeled red rose potatoes for added color and nutrition.

Christmas Cheese Crackers Recipe
Homemade Cheddar cheese crackers are flavored with chives and caraway seeds and get a little kick from cayenne. These make great gifts and are quite easy to make.

Clam Cakes with Lemon Sauce Recipe
Clam replaces crab in this clam cake recipe topped with a sweetened lemon sauce. Soy sauce gives an Oriental flair. Feel free to substitute crab for the clams, if you wish.

Coconut and Seafood Soup with Garlic Chives Recipe
Shrimp and squid are cooked in a rich fish broth with garlic chives, ginger, herbs, shallots, curry, and coconut milk. Fresh mussels or firm white fish may be substituted for the squid.

Coconut Crab Soup Recipe
Creamy crab soup is made with coconut cream and asparagus soup. It is flavored with curry powder and soy sauce. Serve the soup with crusty French bread. You can have this on the table in about 20 minutes.

Colorful Shrimp Spread Recipe
Delicious and colorful appetizer spread is layered with cream cheese, shrimp, mozzarella cheese, and sweet peppers. Served with your favorite cocktail crackers, this is great for parties.

Corn Chowder Recipe
Creamy corn chowder made with evaporated milk, red bell pepper, thyme, and chives is rich, hearty, and filling. The recipe uses frozen corn so you can enjoy this soup year-round. However, feel free to substitute fresh corn kernels if in season. Serve in a bread bowl for a full meal. Make sure to check out the variations using bacon, ham, lobster, crab, or potatoes.

Crab Boil Spice Mix Recipe
Easy crab boil spice mix may be used for shrimp, crawfish, lobster or crab.

Crab Muffins Recipe
Little seafood muffins are bursting with flavor. Crab muffin appetizers may be served warm or at room temperature for a perfect party finger food. Feel free to experiment using lobster, shrimp, smoked salmon, or tuna instead of crab.

Crab Puffs Recipe
Looking for a new and different finger food for parties? You can use fresh or canned crab for these delicious light morsels. If you cannot use beer, substitute clam juice or chicken broth. Crab puff appetizers may be served warm or at room temperature.

Crabmeat Mousse Recipe
Crab mousse is flavored with onion, chives, dill, and lemon juice. No cooking required. Plan ahead to refrigerate at least 4 hours before serving.

Cranberry and Grand Marnier Glazed Pork Tenderloin Recipe
Butterflied pork tenderloin is stuffed with havarti cheese, cranberries, herbs, and garlic and topped with a Grand Marnier glaze.

Crawfish Mashed Potatoes Recipe
Crawfish tails, garlic, and chives give a Cajun seafood twist to mashed potatoes.

Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup Recipe
Dried wild mushrooms combine with fresh white mushrooms in an easy cream soup flavored with allspice. Plan ahead to soak the dried mushrooms for 1 hour before beginning.

Crispy Potato Cakes with Horseradish Recipe
Fresh horseradish gives extra zing to potato cakes seasoned with chives and served with sour cream. These are not overly spicy because the cooking process mellows out the horseradish.

Deviled Eggs with Caviar Recipe
The little touch of caviar adds a decadent touch. If you can't afford caviar or don't care for it, these delicious deviled eggs are just as good without them.

Eggplant Caponata with Chives Recipe
Classic caponata does not include chives. However, they do add not only flavor, but gorgeous color to the dish. Caponata is served chilled or at room temperature, so it is a great make-ahead side dish. Do not skip the salting step. It is necessary to remove excess moisture and bitterness from the eggplant.

Fennel and Acorn Squash Whip Recipe
Simple and easy, acorn squash is blended with fresh fennel and orange juice for a delightful combination of flavors.

Fines Herbes Seasoning Mix Recipe
Fine Herbes classic French herb seasoning mix is easy to make at home. Make it fresh or used dried herbs and store it for future use. Recipe is easily multiplied, but I recommend making only as much of the dried version as you will use within 1 month so it remains as fresh as possible.

Fish Court Bouillon Recipe
Whitefish is marinated in garlic, chile, and lime juice, then simmered in a tomato and onion bouillon. Plan ahead to marinate the fish for 2 to 3 hours before cooking. Make it a full meal by serving with Creole Rice.

Garlic Smashed New Potatoes Recipe
If you haven't yet, you simply must try smashed potatoes. The method leaves large chunks amongst a chunky "gravy" flavored with garlic, butter, cream, chives, and bacon bits. This allows the flavor of the potatoes to shine through while still getting the benefit of a mashed potato-type dish. Smashed potatoes are all the rage in restaurants these days, and easier to make than mashed potatoes. Recipe is easily multiplied.

Gazpacho Soup Recipe
Gazpacho is a chunky Spanish tomato vegetable soup which is served chilled. It is much like a cold salsa soup, delicious and perfect for a warm day.

Gold Potato Pie Recipe
Thin slices of gold potatoes are layered into a pie and baked in a bath of milk, heavy cream, garlic, and Parmesan cheese in this savory recipe. It is a nice change from the usual potato side dish and may be made in advance. Red potatoes are easily substituted for gold potatoes, if need be.

Golden Mashed Potatoes with Morels and Baked Eggs Recipe
Gold mashed potatoes with garlic are blended with sauteed onions and morel mushrooms. They are topped with eggs and Parmesan cheese, and then baked. This dish is great for breakfast or dinner. You can use leftover mashed potatoes if you wish, but fresh is fluffier.

Golden Scalloped Potatoes with Chives Recipe
Gold potatoes are combined with onions and a hint of garlic, then cooked in low-fat milk and chicken broth for full flavor. These scalloped potatoes are low-calorie and low-fat.

Green Eggs and Ham Recipe
If your kids love the Dr. Suess book featuring the Cat in the Hat and his misadventures with the children, then they will get a kick out of this version of green eggs and ham. They might even start liking green foods! Adults will adore it, of course.

Grilled Beef Tenderloin in Cabernet Sauce Recipe
The red wine sauce is flavored with vegetables for a perfect accompaniment to herbed and spiced tender filet mignon steaks. Serve this restaurant-quality dish to special guests or for important occasions. Do not let the long ingredient list dismay you. It's not that difficult to make. If you do not have a grill, use the oven broiler.

Grilled Salmon with Nasturtium Vinaigrette Recipe
Nasturtium flowers give a colorful touch and slight pepper flavor to grilled salmon. The vinaigrette is made with balsamic vinegar, but you may substitute red wine vinegar, if you wish. Be sure the nasturtium flowers have been grown without the use of pesticides.

Gruyere & Chicken Roulade Recipe
Gruyere cheese and ham are rolled up into chicken breasts and topped with wine gravy for an elegant presentation.

Hamburgers Diane Recipe
Steak Diane is a gourmet treat at the finest restaurants, but it can be quite expensive. Here is a version using ground beef patties with a similar rich mushroom wine sauce. If you cannot use wine, you may substitute strong beef broth.

Herbed Yoghurt Soup Recipe - Taratour Recipe
Simple and refreshing cold yogurt soup is made with yogurt, milk, cucumber, radishes, and a variety of herbs. The soup should be well-chilled, so plan ahead for refrigeration time.

Horseradish and Celery Potatoes Recipe
Celery root and horseradish marry mashed potatoes in this award-winning recipe. It is quite easy to make.

Imitation Crab Seafood Salad Recipe
Most supermarkets have at least a small fresh seafood section where you can buy imitation crab in just the amount you need. If not, you can also find it packaged in the refrigerated food case. It is much cheaper to make it yourself, and you can adjust the flavors at will. Imitation crab (also known as surimi) is made from fish so it is a good choice for those who cannot eat shellfish. Serve imitation crab salad as a salad topper, sandwich spread, chunky dip, or appetizer cracker topper.

Individual Mushroom Casseroles Recipe - Zhulyen Recipe
Russian zhulyen is individual casseroles of mushrooms, garlic, chives, sour cream, parsley, and Gruyere or Fontina cheese. If you wish, you may make this as a single casserole.

Revised Italian Wedding Soup Recipe
Italian wedding soup is a comfort food favorite in many households, and this recipe is packed with flavor. It is very easy to make.

Jerusalem Artichoke and Ham Eggrolls Recipe
Jerusalem artichokes take the place of starch in tasty and easy eggrolls.

Loaded Parsnip Mashed Potatoes Recipe
Parsnips lend a delicious sweet, almost nutty flavor to mashed potatoes. Shredded Cheddar cheese and bacon bits are the icing on the cake, so to speak, but you may omit them, if you wish. If you are feeling particularly decadent, stir in some sour cream along with everything else. Yum!

Lobster Ragout Recipe
This recipe uses some vegetables that are not normally consumed in a cooked form. Lobster, red potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, and endive make a delightfully different seafood dish.

Lobster Sausage Recipe
This sausage is made from lobster, vegetables, and herbs. It is a tasty change from traditional meat sausage. If you do not have a sausage stuffer, simply use a pastry bag.

Lobster Strudel with Chayote and Almonds Recipe
This savory lobster strudel recipe uses pre-made phyllo dough sheets for convenience. It's topped with a compote of chayote, chiles, mango, and almonds. Designed to feed two, it's a perfect dish for an intimate dinner.

Low-Carb Ham Wraps Recipe
Ham slices are filled with a savory cheese mixture, then rolled into wraps. To serve as an appetizer, simply slice into 1-inch pieces. Perfect for low-carb diets.

Mashed Potato Chive Bread Recipe
Use mashed potatoes to make this delicious yeast bread. The addition of the chives gives a nice savory flavor. Try adding 1/2 teaspoon of your favorite dried herb for an added boost. The chives may be omitted, if you wish. The bread will still be delicious.

Mini Shrimp Quiches Recipe
Tiny bite-sized quiches filled with shrimp and cheese are a perfect finger-food for parties.

Mock Sour Cream Topping Recipe - Vegetarian Sour Cream Recipe
This non-dairy mock sour cream is made with tofu. It is a great topping for baked potatoes or may be served as a chip dip. Sure to please all palates, including vegetarians.

Onion Soup Mashed Potatoes Recipe
Onion soup mix gives a robust flavor to mashed potatoes with sour cream and chives.

Oxtail Consomme with Custard Royale Recipe
Oxtails are baked to release flavor, then boiled and strained into a rich consomme clear soup. A custard of eggs, thyme, and chives is baked, cut into squares, and floated as dumplings in the soup. This will take some time and attention, but the resulting dish is well worth it. You may make the consomme up to 3 days in advance.

Oyster Chowder Recipe
If you like clam chowder, try this version using oysters. It is rich with cream, wine, and vegetables. Feel free to substitute other seafood for the oysters such as clams, crab, lobster, or shrimp. Fast and easy to make.

Oyster Martinis with Beluga Caviar Recipe
Fresh oysters are served with a topping of shallots, chives, champagne vinegar, and beluga caviar. This is an appetizer fit for a king.

Oyster Omelet Recipe
Creamy oyster sauce makes a fabulous filling for omelets. The juice from the fresh oysters is called the liquor, and make sure you retain it. This heirloom recipe is fast and easy.

Papaya Pineapple Salsa Recipe
Fresh salsa combines the bright flavors of papaya, pineapple, lime, and chiles with the sweet crunch of jicama and red onion. It is fast and easy to make as well as colorful. Use as a garnish for fish, pork, or poultry.

Phyllo Stuffed Chicken Recipe
Wow the tastebuds and eyes of your family and guests with these delicious stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in flaky phyllo dough. The stuffing has a touch of piquant sweetness from the dried cranberries, further complemented by the sharp Cheddar cheese. They make a beautiful presentation at the table and are very easy to make.

Potato Onion Soup, Irish-Style Recipe
Hearty and filling, this potato soup gets flavor from onions and herbs. Bacon and chives are used as garnishes. Alternative suggested garnishes include chopped prawns or diced lobster.

Provencale Grilled Tuna Recipe
A fresh tomato and nicoise olive salsa fresca tops grilled herbed tuna steaks. This makes a light and healthy entree. If you are unable to grill the tuna, you may pan sear the fish.

Raspberry Deviled Ham Recipe
Deviled ham gets a spicy sweet kick from raspberry chipotle sauce. It makes a delightfully different appetizer as a dip or spread and goes together fast in the food processor. If you are unable to find raspberry chipotle sauce, you can make your own or simply use a mixture of raspberry jam and hot sauce.

Red Bell Pepper and Cheddar Cheese Spread Recipe
The sweetness of the roasted vegetables is complemented by the sharp cheddar cheese. Excellent with crackers, on crusty country bread or served as a dip with crudites.

Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes Recipe
Garlic mashed potatoes are all the rage in the finest of restaurants. The flavor of roasted garlic in mashed potatoes is unbeatable, and fresh herbs give an extra boost of flavor.

Saffron Potato Onion Soup Recipe
This satisfying creamy potato and sweet onion soup is flavored with saffron and goes together quickly. I like this soup chunky, so only half of the vegetables are pureed. However, you may puree the entire batch for a smooth and creamy soup, if you wish.

Salmon with Fava Beans and Asparagus Recipe
Fava beans and asparagus are blanched to crisp tenderness and served with pan-fried salmon topped with a light lemon dressing.

Salted Herbs (Herbs Salees) Recipe
Herbs preserved with vegetables and salt make a lively seasoning for soups, sauces, stews, and omelettes. Plan ahead to let refrigerate this mix for 2 weeks to let the flavors meld before using.

Sausage Omelet Pie Recipe
This sausage omelet pie recipe works well as a dinner meal or for a brunch. The concept is simple. It is a sausage crust with an omelet filling. It is easy to make and makes a filling meal. Serve with a variety of your favorite fresh fruits to complete the meal.

Sauteed Wild Mushrooms With Herbs Recipe
Wild mushrooms are sauteed in butter and shallots, then tossed with fresh parsley and tarragon or chives. This simple method really brings out the flavor of the mushrooms for a satisfying side dish in no time flat.

Savory Herbed Cheesecake Recipe
Four kinds of cheese and savory herbs flavor this cheesecake spread for an elegant appetizer.

Slim Potato Salad Recipe
Potato salad is cut down to the bare minimum of calories and fat, yet still tastes delicious. The key is in using low-fat yogurt and mayonnaise, along with flavor boosters of rice vinegar, mustard, chives, and tarragon.

Sour Cream and Chive Mashed Potatoes Recipe
These mashed potatoes taste like baked potatoes with sour cream, chives, and butter, but without the skin. This is the preferred method for mashed potatoes in our family.

Spanakopita (Spinach Triangles) Recipe
A Greek specialty, these spinach triangle appetizers are made with purchased phyllo sheets and filled with a savory mixture of spinach, cheese, herbs, and spices. Once you get the hang of it, try experimenting with different fillings.

Steak Diane Recipe
This classic restaurant show-stopping dish is usually prepared and flamed at the table but you can easily make it at home. Tender fliet mignon steaks with a rich cream sauce is perfect for a romantic dinner with your loved one.

Stuffed Calamari on the Grill Recipe
Squid (calamari) is boiled, stuffed with a garlic, sun-dried tomato, bread, thyme, and scallion mixture, then grilled. The stuffed calamari is served with a fresh tomato, olive oil, and chive topping.

Swiss and Cream Cheese Ball Recipe
Swiss cheese and cream cheese form the base for these cheese balls flavored with thyme and smoked ham. A splash of vodka gives a peppery flavor, but omit it if you wish. Perfect for parties.

Swiss, Ham, & Onion Rolls Recipe
Layers of ham, Swiss cheese, and green onions are rolled into bread dough, sliced, and baked into sandwich rolls. Use a good quality deli ham for these rolls. The cheap sandwich ham contains too much water and will make the rolls soggy. These rolls can also be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or as a snack.

Tater Tot Muffins Recipe
Tired of the same old potato side dish? Try these delicious potato muffins flavored with bacon, sour cream, Cheddar cheese, and chives. It's simple to put together and each muffin is one convenient single serving. If you are feeling lazy, make it a casserole by baking in a 9- by -13-inch baking pan. If you have any leftovers, try scrambling them into eggs for a hearty breakfast.

Tomato Beurre Blanc Recipe
Classic white sauce made with white wine is enhanced with tomatoes, basil, and chives. Serve this sauce with Rosy Seafood Sausages.

Tropical Couscous Recipe
Citrus juices, mango, fresh ginger, and herbs give a tropical flair to couscous. This pasta dish is incredibly fast and easy to make. It is served at room temperature so it's a great choice for buffets and parties.

Turkey Salad in Mango Chutney Mayonnaise Recipe
Make this tasty salad with leftover turkey, raisins, grapes, almonds, and mango chutney. Satisfying enough for lunch or dinner. Chicken may easily be substituted for turkey.

Twice-Baked Buttermilk Potatoes Recipe
This easy twice-baked potatoes recipe gets a tangy boost from buttermilk without the calories of sour cream. Chives give just a suble hint of onion flavor without being overpowering. Plan ahead to bake the potatoes the first time and let them cool before scooping out the flesh.

Warm Potato Salad with Beer Dressing Recipe
Red potatoes and onions form the base of this simple potato salad with a flavorful dressing made with beer and mustard. The potato salad may be served warm or at room temperature.

Yukon Gold and Leek Soup Recipe
Leeks and potatoes go together like peanut butter and jelly, and gold potatoes are perfect in this creamy, rich soup. Plan ahead. The soup must be refrigerated overnight. May be served chilled or hot.

Yukon Gold Potato Salad with Leeks Recipe
Creme fraiche, sherry vinegar, and chives make the dressing for potato salad with Yukon Gold potatoes and leeks.

Zesty Chicken Salad Spread Recipe
Whip up a quick spread for appetizers or sandwiches using canned chicken, cream cheese, and ranch dressing. Feel free to substitute chopped rotisserie chicken or albacore tuna for the canned chicken as a change of pace.

Zucchini Pate Recipe
Try this unusual no-cook pate made with zucchini, sweet onions, chives, cream cheese, and roasted red peppers to serve as a dip or spread with herb crackers, carrot sticks, and celery logs. Plan ahead to refrigerate the pate at least 4 hours or overnight.

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