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Caper Recipes - Recipes using capers

Capers have long been a favorite in the Mediterranean region. The small, green herb buds lend a piquant sour and salty flavor to salads, dressings, sauces, vegetables and a variety of main dishes. These recipes include capers as an ingredient.

Anchovy Spread Recipe
The mild flavor of the anchovies blends beautifully with Bel Paese cheese and capers. Spread it on warm toast rounds. If you have difficulty finding the Italian Bel Paese cheese, see the note for substitutions.

Asparagus Potato Salad Recipe
New potatoes and asparagus come together in this easy salad. The simple mayonnaise dressing is flavored with dill and the salad is garnished with anchovies, capers, roasted red peppers, and hard-boiled eggs. Use waxy potatoes for this dish such as Red Rose, Yukon Golds, purple, or fingerling varieties.

Basic Remoulade Recipe
Homemade mayonnaise is fast and easy to make in a blender or food processor. Flavored variations are also included.

Braised Lamb Shanks with Sour Cream and Capers Recipe
This recipe may be cooked on top of the stove or in the oven. Sour cream and capers are added to braised lamb shanks for a piquant, smooth sauce.

Brill Steak with Lemon, Anchovies, Capers and Rosemary Recipe
Using rosemary, lemons, capers, and anchovies, this is the perfect recipe for white, meaty fish steaks like brill, halibut, or turbot. The wine is optional.

Caper Butter Recipe
Use this flavorful caper butter spread as a condiment on fish, brains, sweetbreads, or vegetables.

Cheesy Meatballs with Caper Sauce Recipe
Ground chicken can be pretty bland, but not in this recipe. Fresh pork sausage, Parmesan cheese, anchovies (you won't taste them at all!), and Dijon mustard really kick up the flavor. The tangy caper sauce is the perfect complement. Great also for appetizers.

Chicken Breasts with Capers Recipe
Sauteed chicken breasts with a sauce made of tarragon, capers, wine, brandy and heavy cream make an elegant, quick, and easy entree.

Chicken Deviled Eggs Recipe
A traditionally favorite appetizer, these deviled eggs get a boost of flavor from chicken, capers, and mustard.

Chicken, Artichoke, Mushroom Pasta
This Macaroni Grill favorite combines chicken, artichokes, mushrooms, capers, and pasta in a lemon butter sauce.

Crab and Asparagus Salad Recipe
Cooked fresh asparagus is paired with succulent crab for a simple salad topped with a mustard caper dressing. Simple, easy, and elegant.

Easy Chicken Piccata Recipe
To save time, measure the ingredients before you start and you can have this delicious chicken piccata on the table in less than 15 minutes. Serve with a savory couscous and quick microwave asparagus for a fast and easy meal.

Egg Salad with Capers and Olives Recipe
Use this flavorful egg salad as a topper for greens, in a sandwich, or modify for deviled eggs.

Eggplant Caponata with Chives Recipe
Classic caponata does not include chives. However, they do add not only flavor, but gorgeous color to the dish. Caponata is served chilled or at room temperature, so it is a great make-ahead side dish.

Figs Stuffed with Tapenade Recipe
Blissfully simple, yet full of flavor, olive tapenade is stuffed into ripe figs for a delicious balance of sweet and salty flavors.

Filet Mignon with Mustard Caper Sauce Recipe
The creamy sauce is not only intensely flavorful, it's also quick and easy to make. This rich and elegant entree can be prepared in less than 30 minutes.

Fruit Cornish Hens Recipe
A dried fruit marinade of prunes, apricots, and capers is the key to these tasty roasted cornish hens topped with herbed brown sugar. One-half of a hen makes an ample portion for most appetites when served with potatoes or rice, a side vegetable, and bread.

Herbed Oxtail Terrine Recipe
Oxtails are slow-cooked with vegetables, herbs, and wine to release their natural gelatin then molded into a terrine served with an herbed cream sauce.

Homemade Olive Tapenade Recipe
Tapenade is a rich olive spread popular in the Mediterranean. It's quite easy to make at home.

Lemon Caper Chicken Breasts Recipe
This technique and the accompanying sauces also would work well with turkey cutlets, boneless pork chops, or sliced pork loin.

Lemon Caper Sauce Recipe
Pan or reduction gravy is the easiest sauce to make. It uses the pan drippings after cooking the meat, seafood, or poultry to add a wealth of flavor to the gravy. This method requires no flour or thickening agents. Be sure to check out the variations.

Lobster Spread Recipe
Cooked lobster is mixed with lime juice, herbs, onion, capers, and mayonnaise into a luscious spread for crackers. Shrimp, crab, or crawfish may be substituted for the lobster.

Lush Tomato Salad Recipe
Traditional tomatoes and cherry tomatoes form the basis of this salad, with lots of fresh basil and capers. Perfect for summer harvest.

Mako Shark with Anchovy Caper Sauce Recipe
Mako shark steaks are marinated and served with a buttery sauce made of anchovies, wine, capers, and dill weed. If you cannot find shark, you may substitute swordfish or other firm-fleshed dark fish in this great recipe.

Mashed-Potato Cakes with Olives and Capers Recipe
Mashed potatoes are seasoned with capers and olives, mixed with egg, formed into patties, breaded, and fried. Feel free to double the recipe.

Mediterranean Feta Cheese Dip Recipe
Basil, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and capers blend with feta cheese in a Mediterranean-flavored dip for crackers. This dip may be served at room temperature or heated.

Olive Paste Recipe
Use this olive paste recipe as a condiment, a cracker spread, with pasta or in salad dressing for a burst of flavor.

Orange-Chicken Risotto Recipe
Mushrooms, artichokes, capers, and Parmesan cheese round out this orange chicken risotto. Arborio rice is traditionally used for risottos. It is readily available in most markets these days.

Parmesan-Crusted Chicken with Capers Recipe
Parmesan cheese and capers make a tasty combination for chicken breasts. If you cannot use wine, substitute additional chicken broth for the sauce. You can have this on the table in less than 30 minutes.

Pasta Nicoise Recipe
Pasta salad is loaded with chicken and vegetables, bound with a simple homemade rosemary-flavored dressing. It is fresh, bright with flavor, and...

Pasta with Capers, Olives and Pine Nuts Recipe
This simple pasta dish is rich with the flavor of capers, black olives, garlic, and pine nuts. This is a fast and easy meal to make or use it as a side dish.

Poor Man's Capers Recipe
Pickled nasturtium buds are an inexpensive substitute for pricey capers.

Puerto Rican Beef Plantain Omelette Recipe
The sweetness of the plantains compliments the tartness of the green olives and capers. Green beans and ground beef in this oven-baked omelette make it a meal hearty enough for dinner.

Ricotta-Stuffed Grape Leaves with Caponata Recipe
Grape leaves are stuffed with ricotta cheese, almonds, and basil, then topped with an easy eggplant caponata sauce. The caponata may be made 1 day in advance. The ingredient list may look daunting, but this is not at all difficult to make.

Roasted Half Moon Bay Anchovies Recipe
Fresh anchovies roasted with garlic and thyme are served with an anchovy salad tossed with garlic vinaigrette. Plan ahead to marinate the anchovies overnight.

Salmon Bread Pudding Recipe
Savory bread pudding is made with croissants, salmon, capers, cheese, and dill. This makes a fabulous brunch dish that may be served hot or at room temperature, but I like it for a light dinner or lunch.

Salmon Stuffed Eggs Recipe
If you don't care for smoked salmon or can't find it, you may substitute other smoked fish, black olives, ground ham, blue cheese, or caviar.

Sausage Puffballs Recipe
Bite-sized sausage puffballs are the perfect party appetizer that will appeal to guys and gals alike. They are slightly sweet due to the raspberry jam, with a touch of spiciness from the chipotle chiles and salsa. Use a mixture of mild and seasoned pork sausage. Make ahead to save time.

Sauteed Chicken Breast with Warm Caper Sauce Recipe
Chicken coated in Parmesan cheese is baked and topped with a creamy wine sauce flavored with shallots and capers.

Scallops with Capers Recipe
Scallops are seared and served with an easy pan sauce flavored with wine and capers. This method also works well with fish and shrimp.

Shrimp Stuffed Edam Cheese Recipe
A round of Edam cheese is stuffed with a shrimp, cherry, caper, and savory vegetable stuffing, then baked to perfection.

Smoked Turkey Bites Recipe
These smoked turkey rolls make you smile with delight when you bite into them. They are not your usual appetizer. They are smoky, slightly spicy and sweet, with a savory tang from the capers and Worcestershire sauce, combined with the mellow richness of cream cheese. This ultimate finger food is gone in 60 seconds!

Spinach, Red Cabbage and Green Mango Salad Recipe
This dish is designed to not only appeal to kids, but directions are geared towards kids preparing it. The mango lends a touch of sweetness to the salad to offset the saltiness of the capers and olives.

Sweet Peppers with Tomato Anchovy Sauce Recipe
The anchovies dissolve into the fresh tomato sauce, perfectly complimenting roasted sweet bell peppers. The dish is not only delicious, but also colorful.

Tilapia with Lime Caper Sauce Recipe
Tilapia is a mild-flavored, firm-fleshed whitefish. It can be rather bland. Perk up tilapia fish with spices and a tangy wine reduction lime caper sauce. If you cannot find tilapia, most other whitefish fillets will work as well such as catfish, trout, and snapper.

Tuna Chops with Lemon Cream Sauce Recipe
Fresh yellowfin tuna chops are dressed with an easy pan sauce of lemon cream and capers. Take care not to ruin your investment by overcooking the tuna. Have your ingredients prepared and ready to go and you can have this on the table in about 15 minutes.

Turkey Scalloppini with Capers and Lemon Recipe
This turkey recipe with capers, garlic, and wine is quick and easy and will feed a crowd. Try substituting chicken for the turkey.

Turkey with Tuna Sauce Recipe
It may sound odd, but it works! This variation of Italian veal tonnato uses cooked turkey instead of veal. It's a great way to use up turkey leftovers. Plan on making this at least 8 hours in advance to let the flavors meld.

Veal Chops with Anchovy and Caper Sauce Recipe
Brandy, anchovies, capers, and ham make an interesting sauce for veal chops. Please do not skip the anchovies. You will detect no fishy taste in the sauce, but they are a key ingredient.

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