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What is a 7-bone roast?


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7-Bone Roast - Beef Chuck Blade Roast

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Question: What is a 7-bone roast?
Does this roast have 7 bones?
Answer: The 7-bone roast is a beef cut used for pot roast. It is cut from the shoulder area of the animal and is known as a cut of "chuck." It is called a 7-bone roast not because it contains 7 bones, but because of the shape of the prominent bone. It is sliced across the shoulder blade bone, and the bone looks rather like a fancy rendition of the number 7. (Check both images for clarification.)

Chuck roasts are considered to be the best, most flavorful cuts for pot roasts. They have a rich, beefy flavor and good texture. The preferred method for cooking a 7-bone roast and other chuck roasts is long, slow braising either in the oven or in a crockpot.

Example Recipe:
Coca-Cola® 7-Bone Roast Recipe
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