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Anchovy Recipes - Recipes using anchovies

Most recipes require very little anchovies. They usually blend in and are completely unrecognizable to the palate other than lending a rich flavor. Move beyond the basic pizza and antipasto salad and try one of these great recipes using anchovies. These recipes use fresh anchovies, canned anchovies, anchovy oil or anchovy paste (available in a tube).

Anchovy Dip Recipe
Don't turn up your nose at the thought of anchovies! You'll never know they are in there. Anchovies give flavor without a heavy fishy taste in this dip. Serve with raw vegetables, toast rounds, and/or crackers.

Anchovy Dressing Recipe
This salad dressing comes from a famous California chef and restaurant, so it has to be good. The anchovies lend a unique salty flavor that is not fishy.

Anchovy Mashed Potatoes Recipe
Anchovies give a salty but not fishy flavor to mashed potatoes, so do not hesitate to try this awesome recipe. You will find anchovies in tins near the canned tuna and salmon in the market. If you cannot find fresh chives, substitute the tops of green onions, finely chopped.

Anchovy Sauce Recipe
Anchovy sauce is great for salads or eggs and may be refrigerated for several weeks. The sauce goes together in a flash using a blender or food processor.

Anchovy Spread Recipe
The mild flavor of the anchovies blends beautifully with Bel Paese cheese and capers. Spread it on warm toast rounds. If you have difficulty finding the Italian Bel Paese cheese, see the note for substitutions.

Anchovy Swiss Toasts Recipe
These tasty rye bread appetizers are spiked with flavor from anchovies, but do not taste fishy. Quick and easy to prepare.

Anchovy Twists Recipe
These baked wonton anchovy twists are sure to be a hit at your next party. Anchovies give flavor without a heavy fishy taste. Don't say a word and your guests will never guess these tasty appetizers were made with anchovies.

Asparagus Potato Salad Recipe
New potatoes and asparagus come together in this easy salad. The simple mayonnaise dressing is flavored with dill and the salad is garnished with anchovies, capers, roasted red peppers, and hard-boiled eggs. Use waxy potatoes for this dish such as Red Rose, Yukon Golds, purple, or fingerling varieties.

Bagna Cauda Recipe
An Italian favorite, bagna cauda is a warm dip of anchovies, garlic, and olive oil served with fresh vegetables as an appetizer.

Brill Steak with Lemon, Anchovies, Capers and Rosemary Recipe
Using rosemary, lemons, capers, and anchovies, this is the perfect recipe for white, meaty fish steaks like brill, halibut, or turbot. The wine is optional.

Caesar Salad Recipe
Classic caesar salad uses romaine, anchovies, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, red wine vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, egg, and Parmesan cheese.

Caesar Salad Recipe
Classic caesar salad uses romaine, arugula, anchovies, egg and Parmesan cheese. The original Caesar salad was created by Caesar Cardini in Tijuana, Mexico and became popular with the Hollywood motion picture crowd.

Cheesy Meatballs with Caper Sauce Recipe
Ground chicken can be pretty bland, but not in this recipe. Fresh pork sausage, Parmesan cheese, anchovies (you won't taste them at all!), and Dijon mustard really kick up the flavor. The tangy caper sauce is the perfect complement. Omit the sauce, and it's also low-carb.

Chicken Caesar Salad Recipe
Classic Caesar salad gets a protein boost from chicken strips. Hearty enough for a main meal. Do not skip the anchovy paste. It is a prime ingredient in Caesar salad dressing.

Chicken Meatball Chili Soup Recipe
The ingredient list looks long, but this soup is pretty easy to make. Herbs and spices transform boring ground chicken to bites of delight, bursting with flavor. Kids love the little meatballs. It tastes even better the next day so feel free to make it ahead.

Christmas Eve Anchovy Crullers Recipe
Tasty anchovy fried breads are an Italian-American popular appetizer for holidays. Plan ahead to allow time for the yeast dough to rise.

Eggplant Caponata with Chives Recipe
Classic caponata does not include chives. However, they do add not only flavor, but gorgeous color to the dish. Caponata is served chilled or at room temperature, so it is a great make-ahead side dish. Do not skip the salting step. It is necessary to remove excess moisture and bitterness from the eggplant.

Emeril's Worcestershire Sauce Recipe
Make your own Worcestershire sauce at home with this recipe from Chef Emeril Legasse. It is actually quite easy to make on the stove-top. Unlike most commercial varieties, this one is gluten-free.

Figs Stuffed with Tapenade Recipe
Blissfully simple, yet full of flavor, olive tapenade is stuffed into ripe figs for a delicious balance of sweet and salty flavors.

Fresh Clams in Tomato-Parsley Broth Recipe
Clams are cooked in a simple broth flavored with garlic, anchovy, and tomatoes, then blended with cream.

Fresh Marinated Anchovies Recipe (Boquerones)
Fresh anchovies are marinated and cured in vinegar, lemon juice, garlic, red onion, and bell peppers. The anchovies will need to marinate in the refrigerator for 2 days, so plan ahead.

Fusilli with Cauliflower Sauce Recipe
Saffron, anchovies, raisins, and pine nuts flavor the cauliflower sauce for fusilli pasta. For fullest flavor, make a day in advance.

Green Goddess Salad Dressing Recipe
Garlic, sweet onion, avocado, and anchovy paste flavor this savory salad dressing made famous by a San Francisco restaurant.

Homemade Olive Tapenade Recipe
Tapenade is a rich olive spread popular in the Mediterranean. It's quite easy to make at home.

Homemade Worcestershire Sauce Recipe
Consider making your own Worcestershire sauce at home. It does contain a lot of ingredients, but the method is very simple and easy.

Ligurian Roasted Potatoes Recipe
Olives give zing to roasted gold potatoes flavored with rosemary. This is fast and easy to throw together. Do check out the optional ingredients.

Linguini and Clams in Parchment Recipe
Clams are cooked with garlic, anchovies, and tomatoes, tossed with linguini, and sealed in parchment packets for baking.

London Broil Marsala Recipe
London Broil Marsala Recipe. London Broil beef steak is usually tough, but marinating and slicing thin results in a very flavorful beef entree. This marinade is flavored with Marsala wine, raspberry vinegar, and garlic.

Mako Shark with Anchovy Caper Sauce Recipe
Mako shark steaks are marinated and served with a buttery sauce made of anchovies, wine, capers, and dill weed. If you cannot find shark, you may substitute swordfish or other firm-fleshed dark fish in this great recipe. Plan ahead to marinate the shark steaks for 1 hour before cooking.

Olive Anchovy Lamb Steaks Recipe
Olives, anchovies, and wine make a rich sauce for grilled lamb steaks flavored with fresh thyme and rosemary. Plan ahead to marinate the lamb with the herbs for 1 hour.

Orange Basil Mussel Stew Recipe
Mussels are served in a creamy savory broth flavored with shallots, chiles, wine, basil, and tomato. Although this is an elegant stew, it is really quite easy and fast to make.

Pasta Nicoise Recipe
Pasta salad is loaded with chicken and vegetables, bound with a simple homemade rosemary-flavored dressing. It is fresh, bright with flavor, and...

Remoulade Dressing Recipe
You'll be amazed at the bright flavor of homemade mayonnaise. It's really very simple and fast to make with a blender or processor. Variations are given for flavored mayonnaises as well.

Risotto with Eggplant, Anchovy, and Mint Recipe
This version of risotto uses eggplant, shallots, and anchovies, along with traditional arborio rice and Romano cheese. It is a nice change of pace. As with all risottos, you will need to pay attention with constant stirring, so your arm will get a workout. It will be well worth the attention.

Roasted Half Moon Bay Anchovies Recipe
Fresh anchovies roasted with garlic and thyme are served with an anchovy salad tossed with garlic vinaigrette. Plan ahead to marinate the anchovies overnight.

Salmon Burgers or Patties Recipe
Using canned salmon in these salmon burgers assures you can enjoy them year-round without breaking the bank. May also be served as a main dish.

Striped Bass in Horseradish Crust in Anchovy Broth with Parsnip Puree
Breaded striped bass fillets get a boost of flavor from horseradish and anchovy oil, served with pureed parsnips on the side. This gourmet-quality dish is really quite simple to make.

Stuffed Bell Peppers Recipe (Peperoni Ripieni) Recipe
Use different colored peppers with this stuffing flavored with onion, garlic, anchovies, raisins, pine nuts, and olives. It is a tantalizing mixture of salty, sweet, savory, and crunchy ingredients. It is served lukewarm, at room temperature.

Sweet Peppers with Tomato Anchovy Sauce Recipe
The anchovies dissolve into the fresh tomato sauce, perfectly complimenting roasted sweet bell peppers. The dish is not only delicious, but also colorful.

Tomato Saffron Chicken Recipe
Saffron, orange zest, olives, and wine elevate this easy chicken recipe above the norm. Do not skip the anchovies. You won't be able to taste them, but the recipe becomes just another chicken recipe without them. The chicken with its sauce goes great with rice or pasta.

Tomatoes Provencal with Anchovy Recipe
Simple fresh tomatoes are enriched with a stuffing of bread, garlic, and anchovies in this classic French dish. It may be served at room temperature as well as warm.

Turkey with Tuna Sauce Recipe
It may sound odd, but it works! This variation of Italian veal tonnato uses cooked turkey instead of veal. It's a great way to use up turkey leftovers. Plan on making this at least 8 hours in advance to let the flavors meld.

Veal Chops with Anchovy and Caper Sauce Recipe
Brandy, anchovies, capers, and ham make an interesting sauce for veal chops. Please do not skip the anchovies. You will detect no fishy taste in the sauce, but they are a key ingredient.

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