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Amaretto Recipes - Cooking with Amaretto Recipes

Amaretto is a liqueur with an almond flavor, but surprisingly, it may or may not contain almonds. These recipes use amaretto liqueur. You may substitute almond extract in many of them. See Amaretto Cooking Tips for related information.

Almond Amaretto Bars Recipe
If you love almonds, you will adore these easy cookie bars. They get an extra burst of flavor from amaretto, an almond liqueur.

Almond Amaretto Mini-Loaves Recipe
An almond-lover's delight, little quick bread loaves are loaded with almonds, almond paste, and amaretto almond liqueur.

Amaretto Almond Carrots Recipe
Naturally sweet carrots are enhanced with almonds, amaretto, and a hint of cinnamon. If you do not have amaretto liqueur or cannot use it, simply substitute almond extract as directed in the recipe. This is an elegant yet simple and easy side dish.

Amaretto Almond Encrusted Lamb DiSaronno® Recipe
Amaretto and almonds make a tasty crust for rack of lamb. This elegant dish is worthy of the finest guests and special occasion.

Amaretto Apricots Recipe
Simple and easy, apricots are paired with an amaretto almond sauce for a quick make-ahead dessert.

Amaretto Brownies Recipe
Rich chocolate brownies are flavored with amaretto liqueur and topped with amaretto icing and sliced almonds. The recipe is quite easy to make and quite decadent.

Amaretto Butter Cookies Recipe
This buttery cookie is rich with the flavor of amaretto, orange, and almonds. These cookies are baked like bar cookies, then cut after baking while still warm.

Amaretto Chantilly Recipe
This easy frozen dessert has a surprisingly light texture yet is full of the rich flavors of almonds and cherries. For a flavor variation, try substituting hazelnut liqueur and hazelnuts instead of amaretto and almonds.

Amaretto Chicken & Creamed Noodles Recipe
Quick chicken casserole uses canned soup, vegetables, mushrooms, amaretto, and noodles with a creamy sauce. It may seem like a lot of ingredients, but this goes together quite fast to make a hearty meal. If you use large chicken breast halves, cut each in half to serve and this will easily feed 8 people.

Amaretto Oriental Salmon Recipe
Amaretto, ginger, soy sauce, and lime flavor baked salmon. Although this cooks up quickly, plan ahead to marinate the salmon for 1 hour.

Amaretto Shrimp Recipe
Amaretto, onions, and almonds make a delicious sauce for this quick shrimp dish. Do not overcook the shrimp or they will become tough and rubbery.

Amaretto Sours Cookies Recipe
Amaretto is an almond liqueur and these cookies are rich with the flavor of almonds. Plan ahead to refrigerate the dough at least 1 hour before baking.

Amaretto Spinach Salad Recipe
Amaretto liqueur lends almond flavor to a red wine bacon vinaigrette dressing for fresh or wilted spinach salad. It is quite easy to make and is packed with flavor.

Baked Brie with Amaretto Recipe
Melted brie with an almond touch makes a decadent appetizer with crackers or baguette slices.

Cherry Clafouti Recipe
Clafouti is a French fruit dessert with a batter topping. This recipe uses Bing cherries spiked with cherry brandy. It is traditionally served warm with cream, but do try the Raspberry Sauce.

Chestnut Amaretto Soup Recipe
Parsnips, carrots, chestnuts, and herbs blend into a creamy savory soup flavored with amaretto liqueur. The soup is very rich and filling, so keep the accompaniments simple.

Chestnut Ravioli Recipe
Pastry pillows of chestnut puree, chocolate, amaretto, almonds, and candied fruit are deep-fried for an unusual dessert.

Chocolate Amaretto Bundt Cake Recipe
This bundt cake is rich with the flavors of dark cocoa, amaretto, and tangy buttermilk. It is topped with a sugar glaze and optional sliced almonds.

Chocolate Amaretto Torte Recipe
Amaretto almond cheesecake has a chocolate crust. This easy cake makes an elegant presentation. It may also be frozen.

Chocolate Pate Recipe
Like slices of truffles, this chocolate pate is decorated with cactus cut-outs of almond paste. Use different shapes for different occasions or holidays.

Country French Apple Crescent Casserole Recipe
Make this luscious apple crescent casserole as a breakfast or brunch treat, although it is good enough for dessert.

Cranberries Amaretto Recipe
This chunky cranberry sauce is flavored with amaretto liqueur and orange marmalade.

Festive Fruitcakes Recipe
Traditional fruitcake is loaded with dried fruits and nuts, then soaked in liquor or liqueur. These go together quickly, but they do take a long time to bake, so plan ahead.

Homemade Amaretto Liqueur
Homemade Amaretto Liqueur Recipe. Make up your own batch of amaretto at home. Makes a great gift from the kitchen for any occasion.

Orange Amaretto Chicken Recipe
Chicken breasts are browned, then baked with an orange amaretto sauce for an elegant, yet easy main dish. Serve with a salad and rice side dish for a complete meal.

Peaches Baked in Amaretto Recipe
Fresh peaches stuffed with almond macaroons and amaretto make a quick and elegant dessert.

Spiced Bing Cherry Jam Recipe
Spices and almond liqueur give extra depth and dimension to easy bing cherry jam. This jam makes a nice kitchen gifts for any occasion.

Toasted Almond White Chocolate Truffles Recipe
Almond liqueur enhances the rich almond flavor of these white chocolate truffle candies. These are incredibly easy to make.

Veal with Amaretto Papaya Cream Gravy Recipe
As elegant and gourmet as it sounds, this veal dish with pan reduction sauce goes together quickly. Have all of your ingredients ready to go, and you can have this on the table in less than 30 minutes.

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