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High Altitude Cooking

How to cook in high altitudes with recipes, tips, and information.

Baking and Candy Adjustments
Basic information and adjustments for baking and candy-making from the Utah State University Cooperative Extension Service.

Basics of High Altitude Cooking
Diane Boone covers all the basics of cooking at high altitudes. Don't miss Part 2.

Crisco's High Altitude Tips
General information on cooking at high altitudes, tips, and conversion hints from Crisco.

High Altitude Baking Chart
Use this simple chart to adjust your baking prodedures in high altitudes, from Home Baking Association.

How Stuff Works
A quick and simple explanation of why foods cook differently at higher altitudes from How Stuff Works.

Yeast Baking
Lora's tips for high altitude yeast baking includes information on flour, liquid, yeast, sugar, and salt, hosted by Global Gourmet.

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