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Almond Recipes

These recipes use fresh almonds, almond paste, almond flour, and almond extract. Almonds may be substituted in most recipes calling for nuts.

All About Almonds
Learn all about almonds including how to select and store them, different varieties, health issues, history, and more before trying one of the many recipes using almonds. Almonds may be substituted for other nuts in many recipes, and vice versa.

How To Toast Almonds Recipe
Toasting almonds gives them a better flavor, thus enhancing your recipe. Here are directions for toasting almonds.

How To Blanch Almonds Recipe
Some recipes call for blanched almonds, which are almonds with the skins removed. This blanched almond recipe method is quick and easy.

How To Make Almond Milk Recipe
Almond milk is a tasy ingredient used in recipes and also as a beverage. Learn how to make almond milk at home with this easy recipe.

Almond Amaretto Bars Recipe
If you love almonds, you will adore these easy cookie bars. They get an extra burst of flavor from amaretto, an almond liqueur. If you are a chocolate fanatic, try sprinkling 1 cup of dark chocolate chips over the filling before sprinkling with the almonds. These are amazingly simply to make.

Almond Amaretto Mini-Loaves Recipe
An almond-lover's delight, little quick bread loaves are loaded with almonds, almond paste, and amaretto almond liqueur.

Almond Coconut Cake Recipe
If you love Almond Joy® candy bars, you will love this cake! It is rich, moist, and delicious, full of almonds and coconut. If you want to add to the decadence, sprinkle the cake with miniature chocolate chips when it comes out of the oven and let melt into the coconut topping.

Almond Pistachio Saffron Curry Sauce Recipe
Use this sauce on grilled meat or chicken or simmer your favorite meatballs in it. If your supermarket does not carry a wide variety of raw nuts, try a health food store.

Amaretto Almond Carrots Recipe
Naturally sweet carrots are enhanced with almonds, amaretto, and a hint of cinnamon. If you do not have amaretto liqueur or cannot use it, simply substitute almond extract as directed in the recipe. This is an elegant yet simple and easy side dish.

Amaretto Almond Encrusted Lamb DiSaronno® Recipe
Amaretto and almonds make a tasty crust for rack of lamb. This elegant dish is worthy of the finest guests and special occasion.

Amaretto Apricots Recipe
Simple and easy, apricots are paired with an amaretto almond sauce for a quick make-ahead dessert. You can stretch this even further by using the amaretto apricots as a topping for ice cream or pound cake.

Amaretto Brownies Recipe
Rich chocolate brownies are flavored with amaretto liqueur and topped with amaretto icing and sliced almonds. The recipe is quite easy to make and quite decadent.

Amaretto Butter Cookies Recipe
This buttery cookie is rich with the flavor of amaretto, orange, and almonds. These cookies are baked like bar cookies, then cut after baking while still warm.

Amaretto Chantilly Recipe
This easy frozen dessert has a surprisingly light texture yet is full of the rich flavors of almonds and cherries. For a flavor variation, try substituting hazelnut liqueur and hazelnuts instead of amaretto and almonds.

Amaretto Chicken & Creamed Noodles Recipe
Quick chicken casserole uses canned soup, vegetables, mushrooms, amaretto, and noodles with a creamy sauce. It may seem like a lot of ingredients, but this goes together quite fast to make a hearty meal. If you use large chicken breast halves, cut each in half to serve and this will easily feed 8 people.

Amaretto Shrimp Recipe
Amaretto, onions, and almonds make a delicious sauce for this quick shrimp dish. Do not overcook the shrimp or they will become tough and rubbery.

Amaretto Sours Cookies Recipe
Amaretto is an almond liqueur and these cookies are rich with the flavor of almonds. Plan ahead to refrigerate the dough at least 1 hour before baking.

Apricot Bread Pudding Recipe
Use fresh or dried apricots in this full-flavored fruit bread pudding. Prunes may be substituted for the apricots and cognac for the cherry brandy.

Apricot Fritters Recipe
Fresh apricots are stuffed with almonds, drizzled with a bit of rum, dipped in a spiced batter, and then fried golden. Indulge yourself!

Artichoke Cream Cheese Spread Recipe
Cream cheese, sour cream, scallions, garlic, thyme, and nuts blend with marinated artichoke hearts for a killer spread. The nuts give a nice crunch but are easily omitted for those with allergies.

Baked Apricots in Almond Cream Recipe
Fresh apricots and almonds marry perfectly in this easy, yet elegant dessert. Serve warm with or without a topping of heavy cream.

Baked Brie with Amaretto Recipe
Melted brie with an almond touch makes a decadent appetizer with crackers or baguette slices.

Black Forest Bread (ABM) Recipe
With chocolate and cherries, this sweet yeast bread is almost as good as a traditional black forest cake.

Blueberry Lavender Cranberry Crisp Recipe
Lavender flowers give spring flavor to fresh blueberry and cranberry crisp. This easy dessert goes together quickly. Be sure to read up on edible flowers before you buy your tulips for this dessert.

Blueberry White Chocolate Coffeecake Recipe
This Blueberry White Chocolate Coffeecake Recipe is great for breakfast with coffee or as a dessert. Rich in flavor, yet simple to make. It is made with blueberry pie filling, so you can make it year-round. Try substituting other fruit pie fillings for the blueberries to change it up.

Bourbon Nut Bread (ABM) Recipe
Along with the bourbon and nuts, this bread is enriched with sour cream and espresso for full flavor. Best of all, the breadmachine does all the work. May be made up to 3 days in advance.

Bread Pudding with Orange Marmalade Recipe
Use up day-old bread in this tangy bread pudding with orange marmalade and chocolate chips. This is an easy dish to throw together yet absolutely fabulous on the table. Great for a special breakfast, brunch or even dessert.

Cherry Clafouti Recipe
Clafouti is a French fruit dessert with a batter topping. This recipe uses Bing cherries spiked with cherry brandy. It is traditionally served warm with cream, but do try the Raspberry Sauce.

Cherry Garcia Cookies Recipe
Inspired by the famous ice cream, these buttery cookies are loaded with cherries, chocolate, and optional macadamia nuts. To kick these up a notch for adults, try soaking the dried cherries in cherry liqueur overnight before draining and continuing with the recipe. Moist, delicious, and bursting with flavor in every bite, these cookies are sure to make your 10 best cookies list.

Chestnut Ravioli Recipe
Pastry pillows of chestnut puree, chocolate, amaretto, almonds, and candied fruit are deep-fried for an unusual dessert.

Chicken Biryiani Recipe
This Mid-Eastern chicken and rice casserole is intricately, but mildly spiced and rich with flavor of nuts and fruits.

Chicken Broccoli Amandine Recipe
This casserole is a fast and easy way to use up leftover cooked chicken or a rotisserie chicken from the market. It is colorful with broccoli, rich with Cheddar cheese, and the almonds give a nice crunch to the topping. Serve with or over hot rice for a full meal. You may omit the Cheddar cheese, and it will still be delicious, although less rich.

Chilled Carrot Soup with Mace Recipe
Mace draws out and concentrates the sweetness of carrots, while ginger adds even more flavor to this refreshing and creamy cold soup. Plan ahead to chill the soup at least 4 hours before serving. The soup may be made up to 3 days in advance.

Chocolate Amaretto Bundt Cake Recipe
This bundt cake is rich with the flavors of dark cocoa, amaretto, and tangy buttermilk. It is topped with a sugar glaze and optional sliced almonds.

Chocolate Amaretto Torte Recipe
Amaretto almond cheesecake has a chocolate crust. This easy cake makes an elegant presentation. It may also be frozen.

Chocolate-Covered Cherry Mice Recipe
These chocolate-covered cherry mice are fun to create and make an adorable presentation for parties, bake sales, and of course, Halloween. Let the kids help by setting up a production line, and they will have a ball. These candy mice are almost too cute to eat. Check out the step-by-step instructions with photos before you begin.

Coconut-Scented Rice with Almonds Recipe
Coconut extract gives a hint of flavor to rice cooked in fat-free milk with the crunch of almonds. If you are allergic to nuts, the easy recipe is still delicious without the almonds. It is a fast and low-fat side dish.

Coffee Cake Recipe
Potatoes make this cinnamon coffee cake surprisingly light, although it is dense and chewy. Do not miss the fruit variations.

Country French Apple Crescent Casserole Recipe
Make this luscious apple crescent casserole as a breakfast or brunch treat, although it is good enough for dessert.

Couscous Salad Recipe
Filled with vegetables, raisins, garbanzo beans, and spices, this hearty couscous salad is prepared the day before and served cold.

Cream Cheese Cookies Recipe for Cookie Press
This dough works well with the cookie press to make cookies for the holidays or any special occasion. If the dough is not firm enough for your cookie press, simply refrigerate it to firm it up more.

Creamy Pomegranate Parfait Recipe
Pomegranate, currants, almonds, papayas, and oranges shine in this easy fruit parfait. You may use regular cream cheese for the fruit sauce for a richer flavor, if you wish. It is good enough for dessert, but also great for breakfast.

Creole Christmas Fruitcake with Whiskey Sauce Recipe
This festive Christmas fruitcake incorporates fruits, nuts, Grand Marnier, and bourbon then smothered in whiskey sauce.

Crispy Crunchy Granola Munchies Recipe
Fruits and nuts are mixed with a honey butter mixture and baked into a crunchy granola snack mixture that kids love. Store in an airtight container to preserve the crunchy texture.

Curried Turkey Salad Recipe
Turkey salad with papaya, kiwifruit, and almonds is served in spinach-lined tortilla bowls. This is a great use for leftover turkey or you may substitute cooked chicken. The salad needs to chill for 2 hours, so plan ahead.

Dark Fruitcake Recipe
This fruitcake recipe is over 100 years old. It takes 2 days to make, and 3 weeks to ripen, but well worth the time investment. If properly stored, the cake can be made as much as two months before Christmas.

Dessert Fondue Marnier Recipe
Dip fresh fruit or marshmallows into this orange marmalade and Grand Marnier creamy fondue. Great dessert for intimate parties. This is also good as a dessert cake topping or ice cream topping.

Easy Black Forest Cake Recipe
Black Forest Cake Recipe. This easy Black Forest cake begins with a brownie mix and gets added chocolate chips, so be prepared for fudgy decadence. The sweet, yet tart flavor of the cherries blends perfectly with the richness of the chocolate.

Egg, Nut and Mushroom Pate Recipe
Whip up this tasty vegetable nut pate in the food processor. Fast and easy.

Fig Sugarplums Recipe
Dried figs are stuffed with a variety of sweet fillings. Great for an appetizer or dessert tray at parties.

Fresh Figs and Raspberries With Mint-Infused Ganache Recipe
Fresh figs and raspberries are topped with an easy chocolate mint sauce and almonds.

Fruit Wedding Cake Recipe
Fruitcakes were often served in olden days at special ceremonies such as weddings. This one is loaded with traditional fruit. If you don't want the small kick of alcohol, you may substitute pure fruit juice. These take 3 hours or more to bake, so plan ahead.

Fruited Cheese Coffee Cake Recipe
This coffee cake is easy to put together. It is filled with fruit and cream cheese. Great for breakfast or dessert.

Gourmet Glazed Figs Recipe
Figs simmered with cloves and brandy and stuffed with almonds. Great with turkey, baked chicken, beef, pork or ham.

Holiday Fruitcake Recipe
This mildly spicy fruitcake is loaded with currants, almonds, and candied citrus. Serve it toasted with tea or just plain.

Homemade Amaretto Liqueur Recipe
Make up your own batch of amaretto at home. Makes a great gift from the kitchen for any occasion.

Homemade Maraschino Cherries Recipe
If you knew how commercial maraschino cherries are made, you would jump at making your own at home. As with any canning project, it will take some time, mostly standing time, but the effort is well worth it.

Hot 'n Crunchy Trout (or Chicken) Recipe
Almonds, sesame seeds, cornflakes, and red chile flakes make an intriguing coating for fish or chicken. This recipe is purportedly a favorite of former news anchorman Dan Rather.

Lady Baltimore Cake Recipe
This is a deliciously light angel food cake topped with a frosting loaded with figs, raisins, and pecans. The cake layers may be made 1 week in advance and kept wrapped well in plastic wrap and frozen.

Lamb in Saffron and Cardamom Cream (Shahi Korma) Recipe
Saffron and spices really shine in this classic lamb dish. Slow cooking in broth and cream creates a flavorful gravy. Serve over rice for a satisfying meal. You may substitute beef for the lamb, but you may need to add additional liquid.

Light Fruitcake Recipe
This fruitcake is filled with raisins, candied fruit, cherries, and nuts and then soaked in liquor-soaked cheesecloth as a preservative. If you cannot use liquor, you may use fruit juice.

Lobster Strudel with Chayote and Almonds Recipe
This savory lobster strudel recipe uses pre-made phyllo dough sheets for convenience. It's topped with a compote of chayote, chiles, mango, and almonds. Designed to feed two, it's a perfect dish for an intimate dinner.

London Lennies English Christmas Rum Pudding Recipe
Christmas pudding is a traditional English favorite. This fruitcake is loaded with fruit, almonds, and spices. It gets its kick from rum. The pudding is made 30 days in advance to give it time to ripen. Be sure to read the flambe tips before beginning.

Low-Carb Brownies Recipe
These are decadently dense, rich, and moist. And most importantly, they are low-carb.

Macadamia Almond Brittle Recipe
Make this delicious nutty brittle a couple of days in advance. It tastes even more buttery as it sits. You may also substitute peanuts for the almonds and macadamia nuts.

Mandarin Orange Cheesecake Recipe
Use canned or fresh mandarin oranges for this rich cheesecake.

Marinated Olives, Nuts, and Pimiento Recipe
Olives, nuts, pimiento, and onions, are marinated in an herbed vinaigrette. Plan ahead to make these at least 3 days before consuming.

Matzo Balls With - Sephardic Recipe
You don't have to be Jewish or wait for Passover to enjoy matzo balls. Matzo balls are delicious dumplings made from unleavened bread meal, usually served in chicken broth or soup. This version includes nuts and spices.

Moroccan Couscous Recipe
Moroccan couscous is enriched with dates, raisins, and almonds and spiced with cinnamon. This vegetarian low-fat side dish will delight the entire family.

Moussaka Recipe
This classic Greek dish includes not only traditional eggplant and lamb, but also potatoes for a hearty casserole.

New York Super Fudge Chunk Ice Cream Recipe
Three kinds of chocolate and 3 kinds of nuts go into this wickedly indulgent ice cream from Ben and Jerry.

Orange Almond Greens Recipe
A poppy seed dressing tops romaine lettuce, almonds and Mandarin oranges for a light salad. Fast, easy, and healthy.

Orange Shortbread Cookies Recipe
Traditional shortbread cookies shine with the flavor of oranges. Each of the attractive diamond-shaped cookies are topped with a slice of almond. Hint: Use a pizza cutter to quickly slice the cookies.

Palm Beach Brownies with Chocolate-Covered Mints Recipe
Take brownies to a new level of richness by adding espresso and chocolate mint patties. Because they are so rich, I like to cut them a bit smaller than recommended. Do not be discouraged by the long instructions. These are fairly easy to make. The instructions are explicit to appeal to new cooks.

Passover Chremslach (Fruit & Nut Fritters) Recipe
These tasty fried fruit fritters contain currants, almonds, and apricots. They are popular at Passover Seder, but yummy year-round.

Peaches Baked in Amaretto Recipe
Fresh peaches stuffed with almond macaroons and amaretto make a quick and elegant dessert.

Pomegranate Crab and Salmon Mousse Recipe
Pomegranate seeds give flavor and color to a seafood mousse of crab and salmon. Whip this up fast in the food processor, but plan ahead to refrigerate at least 4 hours or overnight.

Pongaroons Macaroon Cookies Recipe
This yummy macaroon cookie recipe uses few ingredients, simply coconut, sweetened condensed milk, almond extract, and egg whites. Quick and easy.

Ricotta-Stuffed Grape Leaves with Caponata Recipe
Grape leaves are stuffed with ricotta cheese, almonds, and basil, then topped with an easy eggplant caponata sauce. The caponata may be made 1 day in advance. The ingredient list may look daunting, but this is not at all difficult to make.

Roast Goose with Currant Stuffing Recipe
Currants, apples, and almonds flavor a savory stuffing for roast goose. The recipe makes enough stuffing to cook some separately on the side as well as the stuffing inside the goose.

Roasted Garlic and Almond Spread Recipe
Roasting the garlic mellows it into a mild nutty flavor. This is a popular dip for parties.

Sacristan Cookies Recipe - Almond Puff Pastry Cookies
Almond sugar cookies begin with puff pastry. These are ridiculously easy to make, so do let the kids help. Plan ahead to refrigerate the cookies for 30 minutes before baking.

Saguaro Chocolate Pate Recipe
Like slices of truffles, this chocolate pate is decorated with cactus cut-outs of almond paste. Use different shapes for different occasions or holidays.

Shark Amandine Recipe
Almonds, green onions, sherry wine, and bacon are the flavoring factors for quick and easy broiled shark fillets. Swordfish or mahi-mahi may be substituted for the shark.

South African Curried Beef Gratin Recipe
This ground beef custard is sweet with coconut milk and apricot preserves yet hot and savory with spices and curry flavors.

Spiced Bing Cherry Jam Recipe
Spices and almond liqueur give extra depth and dimension to easy bing cherry jam. This jam makes a nice kitchen gifts for any occasion.

Steamed Cranberry Pudding Recipe
Traditional cranberry pudding is flavored with spices and topped with cranberry glaze. This is a perfect dessert for a Thanksgiving meal.

Sugar-free Chocolate Fondue Recipe
Try this sugar-free version of chocolate fondue served with fruit slices as dippers. To cut down on fat, you may substitute skim milk for whole milk. Try experimenting with other flavored extracts in place of the vanilla, such as cherry, almond, banana, etc.

Sunny Breakfast Couscous Cereal Recipe
Loaded with orange and apple juices, this healthy couscous breakfast is made in a matter of minutes in the microwave. The almonds are optional, but delicious.

Swedish Glogg Recipe
Brandy and vodka are combined with fruit, juice, nuts, port wine, and spices to make a potent flaming beverage. Read up on flambe cooking tips before you begin. This drink is sure to warm you through any cold weather but is especially popular during the Christmas and New Year's holidays.

Sweet Crunchy Nuts Recipe
Put these candied toffee nuts in a decorative tin to give for Christmas presents or for any other holiday. You can use just about any type of nut including peanuts, cashews, pecans, walnuts, macadamia nuts, and almonds or try a mixture of different nuts. They are so easy to make, but so tasty!

Thanksgiving Turkey-Pomegranate Salad Recipe
A great use for leftover Thanksgiving turkey, try this salad with pineapple, apples, pomegranates, and almonds. This is great year-round, and you may substitute cooked chicken, if you wish.

Toasted Almond White Chocolate Truffles Recipe
Almond liqueur enhances the rich almond flavor of these white chocolate truffle candies. These are incredibly easy to make.

Trash Snack Mix Recipe
You can call it trail mix, granola, or gorp, but whatever you name it, this snack is easy to make at home and probably cheaper. The ingredients are easy to customize to your particular tastes.

Turkey Salad in Mango Chutney Mayonnaise Recipe
Make this tasty salad with leftover turkey, raisins, grapes, almonds, and mango chutney. Satisfying enough for lunch or dinner. Chicken may easily be substituted for turkey.

Tutti Frutticake Recipe
If you're not a big fan of candied fruit or citron in fruitcakes, try this version using dried fruits and nuts. You'll want to make this year-round. Because it is so dense, it has a long baking time, and you'll also need to plan ahead to soak the fruit.

Very Cherry Crescent Ring Recipe
Start with refrigerated crescent rolls to make this delicious cherry and pecan pastry that is perfect for breakfast, brunch, or dessert.

White Christmas Bars In A Jar Recipe
Delicious cookie bars with white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts make a great kitchen gift for any occasion, especially Christmas. The ingredients are attractively layered in a jar with cooking instructions attached.

Winter Fruit Stuffed with Chutney Cream Cheese Recipe
Cream cheese is blended with sherry, spices, mango chutney, Cheddar cheese, and almonds, then is stuffed into fruits. Great for an appetizer or light dessert, especially for parties.

Zucchini Barley Bulgur Stuffing Recipe
Bulgur, barley, and zucchini flavored with peach nectar and almonds make a unique savory dressing. The stuffing may be prepared as a vegetarian dish by using vegetable broth and margarine.

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