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Herb Recipes

Alphabetical listing of all herb recipes, including basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, cilantro, and more.
  1. Chive Recipes (107)
  2. Tarragon Recipes (54)

All Herb Recipes
Alphabetical listing of all herb recipes, including basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme, cilantro, and more.

Basil Recipes
This collection concentrates on recipes using fresh basil or large amounts of dried basil. Try such basil recipes as Basil Infused Oil, Buttermilk Basil Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Basil Mayonnaise, Classic Pesto, Tomato & Basil Gouda Fondue, and many more.

Bouquet Garni Recipe
Bouquet garni is a classic herb mixture used in cooking meats and vegetables.

Caper Recipes
Capers are the pickled bud of a Mediterranean shrub. It is generally recommended to rinse capers before using in any recipe. Try such caper recipes as Caper Butter, Lemon-Caper Sauce, Scaloppine di Pollo, Scallops with Capers, Veal Chops with Anchovy and Caper Sauce, Poor Man's Capers, and more.

Chive Recipes
These recipes that use at least 1 tablespoon of chives, rather than just a sprinkling or garnish, to give you an idea how chives can be a major ingredient in a recipe. Try such chive recipes as Chive Mashed Potatoes, Eggplant Caponata with Chives, Salted Herbs, and more.

Cilantro Recipes
Since some people refer to the cilantro leaves and seeds as coriander, both cilantro and coriander recipes are included here. Some also refer to cilantro as Chinese parsley or Mexican parsley. Try such cilantro recipes as Cilantro Corn Relish, Chunky Salsa, Ceviche, Chicken Papaya Coleslaw, Lime Cilantro Vinaigrette, Mojo Marinade, and more.

Dry Rub Spice Mix for Oven or BBQ Recipe
This is an excellent dry rub recipe to keep on hand to shorten your preparation time for chicken, ribs, and pork roast. It is great on barbecued, grilled, or oven-roasted chicken, poultry, and pork.

Essential Herbs
Every cook has their list of essential herbs necessary for everyday cooking. This list also gives tips and hints on herb selection and storage.

Herb Chart
Need to know what herbs go best with fish, chicken, or other foods? This quick reference chart to helps you choose herbs and spices for specific foods.

Herb Substitution Chart
If you run out of an herb, this chart will help you choose substitutions or alternatives that should work with your recipe. Whenever substituting, you must realize that the flavor will not be as originally intended in the recipe.

Herbed Dinner Rolls Recipe
This is an easy way to take inexpensive store-bought dinner rolls and turn them into a delicious bread course suitable for any meal.

Herbs de Provence Recipe
This traditional herb mix combines herbs commonly used in France.

Homemade Rose Water and Rose Oil Recipe
Make your own rose water or oil at home with this method. You can make other herb extracts as well.

Mock Sour Cream Topping Recipe - Vegetarian Sour Cream Recipe
Mock sour cream is made with tofu. It is a great topping for baked potatoes or may be served as a chip dip.

Oregano Recipes
Fresh or dried oregano is a major ingredient in these recipes, at least 1 teaspoon. Try such oregano recipes as Herb Salt Substitute, Marinated Olives, Nuts, and Pimiento, Spanakopita, Spicy Shrimp and Lobster Linguine, Pork and Black Bean Chili, and more.

Pantry Herb Basics
If you are just setting up house, you'll need to keep some basic herbs on hand to be prepared for any recipe. This chart is cross-referenced and includes further information on selection and storage of herbs.

Rosemary Recipes
These recipes use either fresh or dried rosemary. Try such rosemary recipes as Lamb Stew with Rosemary, Olive, Rosemary, and Onion Focaccia, Rosemary Chicken Strips and Fettuccine, Rosemary Butter Bread, Rosemary Mint Wine Jelly, and more.

Sage Recipes
Sage is an herb available both fresh and dried in most markets. Sage goes especially well with fatty foods because it aids in the digestion of grease. Try such sage recipes as Baked Miniature Pumpkins, Herbs de Provence, Lentils with Italian Sausage, Sage-Roasted Chicken with Sweet Potatoes, and more.

Salted Herbs (Herbs Salees) Recipe
Herbs preserved with vegetables and salt make a lively seasoning for soups, sauces, stews and omelettes.

Spatchcock Herb Orange Chicken Recipe
Fresh thyme, rosemary, and orange flavor spatchcocked chicken baked in the oven. Very easy to make and very flavorful.

Tarragon Recipes
Tarragon is a bittersweet herb with a hint of licorice flavor, but too much can overwhelm your recipe. Fresh or dried tarragon is a major ingredient in these recipes. Try such tarragon recipes as Chicken Tarragon, Creamy Tarragon Sauce, Tarragon Herb Dressing, Tarragon Infused Oil, Tarragon Mayonnaise, Prawns Sambuca, and more.

Thyme Recipes
Thyme is a classic herb used in both fresh and dried forms. Try such thyme recipes as Apple Thyme Jelly, Chicken Breasts With Honey, Pine Nuts and Thyme, Lamb Shanks With Eggplant and Thyme, Lemon-Thyme Sherbet, Raspberry-Thyme Vinegar, and more.

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