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Whiskey and Whisky Types

Why does Scotch whisky omit the letter e?


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Whiskey / Whisky

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Types of Whiskey (Whisky)

Scotch whisky (note the e is omitted in the spelling) is made only in Scotland. Whiskey made outside Scotland is usually spelled with the e, ie., whiskey. Scotch whisky is made of barley malt which has been smoked on a porous floor over peat fires before distillation. In general, several different varieties are blended together and then further diluted with a neutral grain alcohol.

Whisky that is not blended is called single malt, and makes up less than 2 percent of the whisky sold. Interestingly enough, the alcohol content of whisky actually decreases with aging.

Irish whiskey, aged in both charred and uncharred casks is made in Ireland. Although whiskey is said to have originated with St. Patrick in Ireland, some Scotch whisky snobs feel it is worthy only of Irish coffee. No matter how refined your palate may be, the milder Irish whiskey will still be just fine for cooking.

American whiskey comes in a number of classifications, further covered here.

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