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What is bourbon?

Once bottled, bourbon does not continue to age


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Cooking With Bourbon Recipes

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What is bourbon?

Most, but not all, bourbon whiskey is made with sour mash, a process first developed by Dr. James C. Crow in 1823. This involves taking the mash, consisting of the leftover mixture of grains used in one batch, and letting it sit overnight to turn sour. The soured mash is then added to more fresh grains to form a new mash for a new batch, much like sourdough starters for bread are maintained and recycled.

Interestingly enough, unlike wines, once distilled liquors are bottled, they cease to age. This is because the sealed environment does not permit the water to evaporate. The evaporation process through the charred barrels is one of the keys in the distillation process.

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