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Cooking with Alcohol Recipes and Information

Liquor and liqueur can add a distinctive flavor to both savory and sweet recipes without making you tipsy. Learn how to cook with your favorite alcoholic beverage.

About Amaretto Liqueur
What is amaretto liqueur? Amaretto is relatively new to North American palates. Learn the history and lore of amaretto.

Alcohol Burn-Off and Whiskey Cooking Tips
How much alcohol burns off in cooking? Find out and get tips on cooking with whiskey.

Alcohol Substitutions
Need to know what to substitute for wine, liquor or liqueurs in your recipes? Although substitutions will change the end result, this helpful chart gives suggestions for alcohol substitions for cooking purposes.

Amaretto Cooking Tips
Learn how to cook with amaretto and choose viable substitutes.

American Whiskey Classifications
American whiskey is tightly regulated. Learn about the different types of American whiskey and the meaning of liquor proof.

Bourbon Cooking Tips and Hints
Bourbon has a lower freezing point than water so it may not work in frozen desserts. Get more bourbon cooking tips.

Bourbon Laws and Regulations
Laws now insure quality production and standardization of bourbon. Learn about different bourbon types.

Champagne Varieties
Why is pink champagne pink? Find out and learn about different champagne varieties.

Cooking with Alcohol Basics
Why use alcohol in foods? Aside from flavor alone, there are a number of reasons, including some scientific ones. Find out why, how to reduce the alcohol content, and how to substitute for alcoholic ingredients.

Cooking with alcohol substitutions, tips and hints
Cooking with alcohol substitutions, tips and hints. Find out how much alcohol remains in the recipe after cooking.

Cooking with Beer Tips and Hints
Get tips and hints on cooking with beer.

Cooking with Champagne Tips and Hints
White wine may be substituted for champagne in most recipes. Learn how to cook with champagne.

Does bourbon alcohol cook out?
What is the bourbon alcohol content in cooked recipes? Find out how much alcohol burns off.

Flambé Cooking Tips
As extravagant as flambé dishes appear, they are easy enough to make at home and far less expensive. Impress your family and guests for any special occasion with a variety of flambé recipes from salads to desserts.

Grand Marnier® Tips, Hints, and Substitutions
Orange juice concentrate may be substituted for Grand Marnier. Learn how to cook with Grand Marnier orange liqueur.

How to open champagne
The flamboyant method of opening champagne as portrayed on TV and movies is wrong. Find out how to open champagne.

Rum Cooking Tips and Substitutions - Cooking with Rum
Get tips on cooking with rum, along with substitutions and equivalents.

Rum History and Facts
Learn more about cooking with rum and try some interesting old and new recipes.

Tequila Cooking Tips
Does the alcohol in tequila recipes burn off? Learn how to cook with tequila.

What is bourbon?
Once bottled, bourbon does not continue to age. Learn how bourbon is made.

Whiskey and Whisky Types
Why does Scotch whisky omit the letter e?. Find out and learn about the history of whiskey / whisky.

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