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About invites you to enjoy our new chat rooms.  With special features like color-coded fonts and emoticons, and private chat capabilities, we think you'll love your new chatting experience. There are help links above - complete with a handy FAQ for your questions. Email customercare@aboutguide.com if you need further assistance.

Welcome to the Home Cooking chat room. This chat room may or may not be moderated . Please check the chat schedule and details below for times when a Guide or Chat Host will be on the premises.

Our chat room never closes! Feel free to drop in with your friends to chat anytime in food and friendship. The chat guidelines are simple: keep it clean and free of profanity and have fun! Also check out our Cook's Gallery Member Photos to put a name to the face of our great members! You might find us in the chat room at any given time, so pop in and try the free munchies!

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