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Garnishing and Food Presentation - Recipes for Home Cooking
Make your meals look fancy by learning garnishing and food presentation tips. Instructions and photos are found within these resources.
Garnishing Cookbooks - Home Cooking - Recipes for Home Cooking
Garnishing Cookbooks: learn how to garnish foods for spectacular presentations.
Cucumber Curls Garnishes - Recipes for Home Cooking - About.com
Learn how to make cucumber curl garnishes with easy instructions and photos. Decorative cucumber curls can stand alone or may be filled with colorful fruit or ...
Drink Presentation - About.com Cocktails
From the style of glass to the garnish you choose, these little things can make your drinks look great and are often that finishing touch you need. The articles ...
How to Cut Orange Garnishes: Orange Wheel or Slice
Step-by-step illustrations for cutting simple orange garnishes. Included are the orange wheel, orange slice, orange peel, and orange twist.
Garnishing Cheese - How to Garnish a Cheese Plate - About.com
Whether you are serving one cheese or a dozen, garnishing a cheese plate adds visual appeal. Each of these garnishes are easy to find and easy to arrange ...
How to Cut Basic Lemon and Lime Garnishes - About.com Cocktails
Using a lemon or lime for garnishing a cocktail is a great way to add a splash of color to the drink presentation and a hint of citrus flavor to the finished cocktail.
Cucumber Spiral Garnishes - Recipes for Home Cooking - About.com
Learn how to make cucumber spiral garnishes with easy instructions and photos. Curly cucumber spirals make an easy but elegant garnish for salads, cold ...
How to Garnish Party Trays - Entertaining - About.com
Just when you think you've mastered the art of entertaining, you realize there's one technique you haven't conquered yet - the art of food garnishing.
Cheese Garnishes From Spain - Garnishing a Spanish Cheese Plate
As Spanish cheeses have gained popularity so have the garnishes that go with them. Serve these garnishes together or just choose one to accompany a plate of  ...
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