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Basil Selection, Storage, and Varieties - Recipes for Home Cooking
It is the leaves of the basil plant that are used in cooking, and these leaves can range from green to reddish to purple in color, depending on the variety.
The Best Ways to Preserve Basil - Food Preservation - About.com
Fresh basil is one of the tastiest and most useful herbs, but it doesn't keep its color and flavor well when dried. Fortunately, there are other, better ways to ...
How to Dry and Store Your Fresh Garden Herbs
Air drying herbs is not only the easiest and least expensive way to dry fresh herbs , but this slow drying process also doesn't deplete the herbs of their oils.
How to Store Basil and Keep It Fresh - Local Foods - About.com
Basil, especially sweet or Genoa basil so popular in Italian dishes and used in pesto, is notoriously tricky to keep fresh. It turns black and wilts at an astonishing  ...
How to Freeze Basil - Frugal Living - About.com
Option 1: Wash and dry the basil leaves (the stems should be discarded). Then, spread them out on a cookie sheet, and flash freeze. Transfer the frozen basil to ...
How to Store Fresh Herbs to Keep Them Fresh Longer
Rinse fresh herbs well and lay on a paper towel. Wrap loosely in a paper towel and place in zip lock bag. Store your bag of herbs in your refrigerator's crisper.

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