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Vegetable Recipes and Cooking Instructions

Acorn Squash
Although fall is primetime for acorn squash, this vegetable is so popular that it is carried year-round in many markets. Acorn squash is most commonly stuffed and baked, but you'll find much more to do with them in the featured recipes.

Enrich your palate with fresh asparagus, plus a plethora of recipes from salad to dessert.

Goodness in a thistle is what you will find within an artichoke, plus loads of recipes! Learn how to prepare an artichoke for cooking.

Like many grains, barley is a multi-tasker. As far as cooking is concerned, we know it best as those little nutty pearls of hearty goodness often found in soups and stews or eaten as a cereal. Many barley recipes.

Beets (Beetroot)
Beets (beetroot) seem to be one of those vegetables you either love or hate. The rich maroon flesh of this root vegetable is naturally sweet and nutritious, and the leaves are also edible. If you're making do with canned beets, you simply must try fresh beets for true flavor even beet-haters will enjoy.

Black Beans
Black beans have long been a protein-rich staple food of many Latin cultures. Today, black beans are enjoyed around the world. Find out why some cook faster than others, what can toughen the beans, and how to ease any potential flatulence using herbs. Learn about black beans, and get some cooking tips, plus many black bean recipes.

Broccoli seems to be one of those vegetables you either love or hate. Broccoli-haters usually cite a strong flavor and aroma as the cause, but there are ways to tame this giant green flower. Learn about broccoli, and get some cooking tips before delving into the broccoli recipes.

This ancient vegetable has a lot of interesting history and lore backing it up. It's also packed with vitamins, making it one of the most nutritious vegetables. With a little imagination, you can make cabbage rise above such common dishes as cole slaw, sauerkraut, and corned beef's partner.

Thanks to Asian and Southern European influences, eggplant is finding its way into more and more recipes. As a good meat substitute, it is attractive to vegetarians and cost-conscious cooks. Eggplant actually has a quite bland flavor, but it soaks up flavors of accompanying foods, herbs, and spices like a sponge.

Garlic: The Stinking Rose
One of the most versatile flavors to ever grace a kitchen, it not only tastes wonderful, it's very good for your body. Many recipes.

Gold Potatoes
Yukon Gold potatoes are considered truly versatile, good for baking, boiling, frying, and mashing. Their golden flesh and buttery, almost nutty flavor make a fabulous addition to any meal and a good low-fat option. Don't miss the fat-free fries and other recipes.

Horseradish is most widely used as a condiment, both by itself and as an ingredient in sauces and dressings. If you enjoy the pungency of bottled prepared horseradish, you simply must try it fresh to experience the full breath-taking flavor experience.

Jerusalem Artichokes (Sunchokes)
What is not from Jerusalem and not an artichoke? It's the Jerusalem artichoke. This vegetable has made its way on to the recommended lists of many physicians due to its inherent health benefits. Find out how to cook it. Many recipes.

Soups may be the most popular use of leeks, but new food combinations are bringing the leek more into the gourmet limelight. Find out why leeks have always been popular in Europe and the Mediterranean, with lots of recipes to try.

Although they may be cheap, lentils are very nutritious, filling, and more importantly, arguably the most flavorful of all the legumes. They are also an excellent protein substitution for meats. Learn more about lentils and try some interesting old and new recipes.

Mashed Potatoes
There are tricks to making the perfect mashed potatoes. Find out how to avoid mashed potato glue and try some innovative new combinations and leftover recipes.

Are you in the dark about mushrooms? Get enlightened about this wonderfully tasty fungus, from the basic button mushroom to the more unusual varieties, plus recipes.

Articles with recipes on a variety of nuts including almonds, walnuts, pistachios, peanut butter, chesnuts and more.

Today, oats and oatmeal products are touted as a natural wonder food because of their high water-soluble fiber content, but oats have only become the darling of doctors and dieticians since the 1980's. Find out about the different types of oatmeal, which are interchangable and which are not, and try one of the many recipes using oats and oatmeal.

In days of old, before potatoes were deemed edible, the parsnip was prized not only for its long storage life, but also for its sweet, nutty taste and nutritional value. Parsnips can be eaten raw as well as cooked. Learn more about this nutritious root vegetable and try some interesting old and new parsnip recipes.

There's a lot more you can do with pumpkin other than your basic pumpkin pie. History, info and many, many recipes.

Rhubarb is nicknamed "pieplant" due to its popularity in pies, but it also works well in savory dishes. History, plus lots of recipes!

If you don't like the strong flavors of garlic and onions, but don't want to give them up completely, then shallots are the perfect choice. This small vegetable is technically an onion, but it looks a lot like garlic and has a mild garlic flavor. Try shallots in your dishes.

Sun-Dried Tomatoes
Normally, the thought of dried food does not bring to mind a gourmet meal. However, a relatively small amount of sun-dried tomatoes gives a gourmet touch and a burst of flavor to a variety of recipes.

Sweet Onions
Sweet onions won't bring tears to your eyes. Learn the history, different varieties, and many, many recipes in this update.

Sweet Potato or Yam?
Many people use these terms interchangeably, but they are really two different vegetables. Learn the difference, plus recipes.

Tempting Tomatoes
Tuh-MAY-toh or Tuh-MAH-to? Pronunciation doesn't matter when it comes to this fabulous nutritious fruit known as a vegetable. Once considered deadly poisonous, it's now second only to potatoes in vegetable consumption.

Zucchini (Courgette or Summer Squash)
Your bushel runneth over with zucchini? No problem! Zucchini has many cooking applications as a vegetable as well as in sweet concoctions. Check out its history, along with many recipes and tips.

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