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Meat Recipes and Cooking Instruction

Bacon is in such demand in spite of health-conscious diets that prices are skyrocketing. Find out all about bacon and why it's such a hot item and try one of the many recipes.

Brisket and Corned Beef
With a little time and slow braising, you can turn a tough brisket into tender roast. Corned beef recipes also included.

Filet Mignon / Beef Tenderloin
This beef cut can be quite expensive when dining out, but much more reasonable to make at home. Find out how to get the best price and how to prepare it.

Ground Beef
Ground beef has long been considered a meat-stretcher, easier on the wallet than full beef cuts. Perhaps for this reason, there are a lot of inventive ways to use ground beef. However, you may be wasting money on lean and extra-lean mixtures.

Ham It Up!
History, varieties, selection and storage information, plus lots of ham recipes.

Hot Dogs!
Hot dogs, red hots, weiners, franks, no matter what you call them, history and recipes for a truly American food icon.

Irish Stew
This peasant dish is still popular whether you like the bare bones basic version or one of today's gourmet variations.

Don't spend money on commercial jerky full of preservatives. Jerky is easy to make at home and you can control what goes into it. You'll find recipes for beef, venison, and even tofu jerky.

Lamb & Mutton
History, information and recipes to make lamb a favorite in your home.

Marinades can tenderize as well as enhance the flavors of foods. Learn the science behind the tenderizing and take advantage of hundreds of recipes.

Meatloaf Magic
Tips and hints on making the perfect meatloaf, from gourmet to meatless to like Mom used to make.

Oxtails are enjoying a revival in top restaurants. Discover new ways of cooking this comfort food at home from basic soups and stews to ethnic variations.

Control the fat content by making your own sausage at home. The many homemade sausage recipes include traditional blends, low-fat, seafood and vegetarian varieties, plus recipes using sausage as an ingredient.

Barbecued spareribs are perhaps the favorite, but you don't necessarily have to own a grill to enjoy spareribs. Should you boil or not? Find out how to cook spareribs in the oven or outdoors.

Shish Kebabs
Kebabs are versatile enough to serve to guests or family while pleasing vegetarians to meat-lovers.

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