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Veal Recipes

Veal is young beef. It can be very tender, but proper cooking is essential. These recipes use veal cuts, veal bones, ground veal, or veal stock. If you have a recipe to share, please post on our Message Board. Add your own special recipe to share with the world.

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Veal Recipes

•  Bangers - Oxford Sausages
•  Barbecued Meatloaves
•  Braised Veal Roast with Vegetable Gravy
•  German Meatballs with Caper Sauce
•  Grilled Beef Tenderloin in Cabernet Sauce
•  Grilled Veal Chops and Zucchini with Rosemary
•  Jerry Springer's Mashed Potato Meatloaf
•  Menudo (Tripe Soup)
•  Osso Buco
•  Philadelphia Pepper Pot Soup
•  Salisbury Steak
•  Slow Cooker Burgundy Meatloaf
•  Stringed Beef Brisket
•  Tongue with Juniper Berry Sauce
•  Upside-Down Roast Canada Goose
•  Veal with Asparagus
•  Veal Chops with Anchovy and Caper Sauce
•  Veal Marsala
•  Veal with Amaretto Papaya Cream Gravy
•  Veal Mozzarella
•  Veal Ragout with Cepes and Sage
•  Veal Scaloppine with Ginger and Lime
•  Veal Scaloppini with Prosciutto and Sage (Saltimbocca alla Romana)

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