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Turmeric Recipes

If you arrived here via a search engine, do not miss the full informational article on which includes history, storage, usage, and cooking tips. Turmeric is a popular spice in mid-Eastern and Asian dishes. Along with added flavor, it gives a golden yellow color to your recipe.

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Turmeric Recipes

•  Bread & Butter Pickles
•  Caribbean Island Lime Shrimp
•  Chicken with Lime Sauce and Raisin Couscous
•  Confetti Zucchini Relish
•  Cornish Hens with Olives
•  Couscous Salad
•  Couscous Salad with Dried Cranberries and Pecans
•  Couscous Stuffing with Currants, Apricots and Pistachios
•  Creamy Lentil Soup With Caramelized Onion (Dal Shorva)
•  Curried Acorn Squash
•  Indian Mutton Curry
•  Glazed Cornish Game Hens
•  Green Pea Cakes with Gingered Spinach
•  Jerusalem Artichoke (Sunchoke) Pickles
•  Lamb Stew With Chestnuts And Pomegranates
•  Lentils with Zucchini
•  Matzoh Onion Stuffing
•  Moroccan Stuffed Artichokes
•  Pomegranate Lentil Soup
•  Preserved Lemons (Nimbu Achar)
•  Saffron Crawfish Risotto
•  Seafood Brochettes with Tomato-Basil Champagne Sauce
•  Shrimp and Mango-Stuffed Yellowtail
•  Spiced Tuna with Pineapple Glaze
•  Stewed Artichokes with Olives and Moroccan Spices
•  Sunchoke Daylily Casserole
•  Sweet Potato, Corn and Kale Chowder
•  Sweet Potato, Lamb, and Sausage Stew
•  Sweet Potato & Spicy Chicken in Coconut Milk
•  Tomato Chutney
•  Yogurt Curry with Lentil Dumplings (Kadi)

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