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Irish Stew Recipes

Spicy Cherry Chicken Recipe
If you arrived here via a search engine, don't miss my full feature on Traditional Irish Stew. This traditional peasant dish has evolved from a basic lamb, potato, and onion stew to more elaborate versions approaching gourmet status. Some versions may have different meat substituted for lamb or mutton. As with any recipe, feel free to modify it to meet the needs and tastes of your own family.

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Irish Stew Recipes

•  Ballymaloe Irish Stew
•  Beef & Guinness Stew
•  Brown's Townhouse Irish Stew
•  County Cork Irish Stew
•  Crockpot Irish Stew
•  Glens of Antrim Irish Stew
•  Irish American Lamb Stew
•  Irish Lamb Stew
•  Irish Whiskey Potato Green Chile Stew
•  James Beard's Irish Stew
•  Lamb Stew With Chestnuts And Pomegranates
•  Lamb Stew with Rosemary
•  Mutton Stew
•  Weight Watcher's Irish Stew

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