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Pressure Cooker Recipes

•  Pressure Cooking Information and Tips

•  Braised Veal Roast with Vegetable Gravy
•  Cabbage And Potato Soup With Sweet Italian Sausage
•  Chicken Gumbo
•  Chinese Beef-Rice Baby Meatballs
•  Fudgy Peanut Butter Cheesecake
•  Granola-Stuffed Acorn Squash
•  Lemony Chicken Soup with Spinach
•  Macaroni Fish Pie
•  Mushroom and Leeks with Saffron Rice
•  Oxtail Ragout with Beer
•  Oxtails Stewed in Pasta Sauce (Pressure Cooker)
•  Raspberry Chicken
•  Rock Cornish Hens with Grand Marnier
•  Seville Orange Marmalade
•  Short Ribs with Natural Gravy
•  Warm Lamb Salad with Peppers & Feta Cheese
•  Wild Rice Pilaf

• Buy Pressure Cookers Online

Pressure Cooker Manufacturer Sites

•  Presto
•  Magefesa Rapid II

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