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Cooking for 1 or 2 Recipes

It can sometimes be difficult to scale down recipes to cook for 1 or 2 persons. Whether you live alone or with another, sometimes you just don't want leftovers. These recipes are designed to serve one or two persons, but many of them can easily be doubled or tripled when the need arises. Great recipes for romantic dinners for two. As with any recipe, feel free to modify it to satisfy your own tastes.

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Cooking for 1 or 2 Recipes

•  Amaretto Almond Encrusted Lamb
•  Amaretto Oriental Salmon
•  Avocado Cream Soup
•  Bacon, Avocado, and Cheese Omelets with Tomato Salsa
•  Baked Minature Pumpkins
•  Basic French Omelet
•  Black Angus Whiskey Pepper Steak
•  Blue Flower Chive Omelet
•  Bohemian Omelets
•  Braised Lamb Shanks with Sour Cream and Capers
•  Caramelized Leeks Over Noodles
•  Chard and Cheddar Omelet
•  Chicken Flamb&eacute with Brandied Cherry Sauce
•  Chicken Stir-Fried Ramen
•  Chicken and Sun-Dried Tomatoes Pasta
•  Chicken Twice Cooked
•  Chinese Asparagus in Ginger-Scented Brown Sauce
•  Cod with Cherry Tomatoes, Basil and Mozzarella
•  Codfish Omelet
•  Crabmeat Stuffed Baked Avocado
•  Crubeens (Pig's Feet)
•  Cupboard Chicken Pilaf
•  Double Potato and Halloumi Bake
•  Easy Baked Fresh Lobster
•  Easy Herbed Grilled Salmon
•  English Chicken Mushroom Casserole
•  Farmer's Omelet
•  Flaming Sherried Rock Cornish Game Hens
•  Flaming Turtle Chocolate Fondue
•  Fried Green Tomatoes
•  Frozen Maple Mousse
•  Glazed Cornish Game Hens
•  Granola-Stuffed Acorn Squash
•  Hot Crab Fondue
•  Irish Mint Cream Cocktail
•  Juicy Fruit Omelet
•  Lamb Sausage with Red Cabbage
•  Lamb Shanks with Sour Cream and Capers
•  Linguine with Squid and Clams
•  Lobster a l'Americaine
•  Lobster Flambe With Pernod
•  Lobster Fra Diavolo
•  Lobster Fritters
•  Lobster Portuguese-Style
•  Lobster with Red Wine Risotto
•  Lobster Strudel with Chayote and Almonds
•  Lobster Thermidor
•  Lobster Veronique
•  Mahi Mahi with Spicy Pear Salsa
•  Mashed-Potato Cakes with Olives and Capers
•  Matzoh Onion Stuffing
•  Microwave Steamed Clams or Mussels
•  Mozzarella in Carrozza (Fried Cheese)
•  Orange Basil Mussel Stew
•  Orange Beef with Sun-Dried Tomatoes
•  Oyster Omelet
•  Papaya Creamsicle Smoothie
•  Parmesan-Crusted Chicken with Capers
•  Pork, Sweet Potato, and Black Bean Stew
•  Puerto Rican Vegetable Omelet
•  Roasted Clams with Bacon
•  Rock Cornish Hens with Grand Marnier (pressure cooker)
•  Salt Baked Fish
•  Saute of Beef for Two
•  Sauteed Filet Mignon
•  Scallops with Capers
•  Sea Bass with Caviar Sauce
•  Sesame Lemon Pepper Swordfish
•  Sorbet with Vodka Marinated Plums
•  Spaghetti with Caviar and Asparagus
•  Spahn House Famous Omelet
•  Steak Diane
•  Steak au Poivre
•  Strawberry Omelet
•  Swiss Salmon Omelet
•  Thai Pineapple Rice
•  Toasted Coconut and Lime Prawns
•  Tuna Chops with Lemon Cream Sauce
•  Twice-Baked Buttermilk Potatoes
•  Veggie Omelet
•  Veal Marsala
•  Western Omelet

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