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Hot Dog, Wiener & Frankfurter Recipes

Hot Dog TermsIf you arrived here via a search engine, do not miss my full informational article on Hot Dogs which includes history, information and usage tips. Feel free to modify any recipe to personalize it to the needs of your particular family.

Note: All of these links were current at the time of publishing. It is the nature of web pages to move, however. If you find a recipe you want has moved, send email and I'll try once again to hunt it down for you. For offsite recipes, you should see a thin frame along the top of your screen to get back to this index after checking each recipe. If not, you may need to double-click on your browser's BACK button to return to this index.

•  Hot Dog Information, History and Usage
•  Sausage Information and Recipes
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Hot Dog Recipes

•  Cheese Weiner Bites
•  Homemade Frankfurters (Hot Dogs)
•  Hot Dog Octopus
•  Hot Dog Vegetable Stew
•  Hot Dog Provencale
•  Whole Wheat Buns - ABM
•  7th Inning Hot Dogs
•  Spanish Hot Dogs and Rice
•  Hot Dogs Revisited
•  Hot Dog Chili
•  Hot Dog Surprise
•  Hot Dog Hash
•  Potato Pups
•  Corn Dogs

Recipe Collections

•  National Hot Dog Council Recipes
•  Oscar Mayer Collection

Hot Dog Condiments

•  Homemade Ketchup
•  Homemade Mustard
•  Cincinnati Chili
•  Cincinnati-Style Chili

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