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Mace Recipes

If you arrived here via a search engine, do not miss the article on Nutmeg and Mace, which includes history, selection, storage, cooking tips and more. Mace is generally used in small amounts. It is especially good for rounding out white sauces and goes well with meats. These recipes use at least 1/4 teaspoon of mace. Mace blades are often used for flavoring and then fished out of the final result.

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Mace Recipes

•  Almond Pistachio Saffron Curry Sauce
•  Amish Tomato Ketchup
•  Beau Monde Seasoning Mix
•  Carrot Soup with Mace
•  Cherry Ketchup
•  Chicken Breasts Roasted With Honey, Pine Nuts and Thyme
•  Cincinnati-Style Chili
•  Coconut Muffins
•  Colcannon Corned Beef Soup
•  Cream of Chicken or Turkey Soup
•  Dark Fruitcakes
•  Fruit Cake
•  Herb Salt Substitute
•  High-Calcium Cabbage Bread
•  Homemade Frankfurters (Hot Dogs)
•  Homemade Liverwurst
•  Julia Child's Spice Blend
•  Lamb in Coffee Sauce
•  Lemon and Mustard Seed Chutney
•  Light Kielbasa Sausage
•  Linguine with Lobster Sauce
•  Lobster Fra Diavolo
•  Mushroom Ketchup
•  Peach-Spiced Chicken
•  Pfeffernusse Cookies
•  Plum Pudding For Christmas
Potato Chestnut Puree
•  Pumpkin Scallop Soup
•  Raised Potato Doughnuts
•  Rich Pumpkin Pie
•  Rolled Sugar Mace Cookies
•  She-Crab Soup
•  Spicy Halloween Ginger Cake
•  Tomato Upside-Down Spice Cake
•  Yam Yeast Bread

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