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Jerky Recipes

All About Jerky
If you arrived here via a search engine, do not miss the full informational article on Jerky with information and kitchen tips for making homemade jerky out of a variety of foods. Before embarking on your jerky experiments, familiarize yourself with the recommendations of the Food Safety and Inspection Service to avoid any foodborne illness risks.

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Jerky Recipes

•  Barbecued Jerky
•  Basic Jerky
•  Beef Jerky or Grilling Marinade
•  Blue Ribbon Jerky
•  Brined Jerky
•  Chinese Beef Jerky
•  Fake Jerky Strips
•  Ground Beef Jerky
•  Hawaiian Style Jerky (Pipi Kaula)
•  Jerky Stew
•  Jerky Stew by Mary Bell
•  Jerky - Water Smoker Method
•  Microwave Venison Jerky
•  Oriental Beef Jerky
•  Oven Beef Jerky
•  Pillowcase Jerky
•  Salmon Jerky
•  Peter's Burgundy Jerky
•  Seven Step Jerky
•  Smoked Turkey Jerky
•  Teriyaki Beef Jerky
•  Tofu Jerky
•  Trout Jerky
•  Turkey Jerky
•  Western Jerky

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