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Stuffing Calculation Chart

This chart will help you determine how much stuffing or dressing to use for chicken, turkey, and other poultry. Be sure to read the full informational article on Stuffings and Dressings which includes history, cooking and safety tips, storage information, and recipes.

Quantity of Stuffing
Size of Bird to Stuff
Number of Servings
1 pint 3-4 pounds 2-3
1-1/2 pints 5-6 pounds 4-5
1 quart 6-8 pounds 6
1-1/2 quarts 8-10 pounds 8
2 quarts 10-12 pounds 10
3 quarts 12-15 pounds 12-14
4 quarts
(1 gallon)
15-20 pounds 18-20

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